Wool vs. Synthetic bedding Fire Test

Wool Bedding Doesn't need Firefighters

Do you know what fabric your sofa is covered with? How about your curtains, bedding or carpets? It’s quite likely that they are some kind of synthetic, most people will understandably select their interior decor on design, not material. But are we forgetting something important?

Here at The Wool Room we preach about the natural benefits to sleep that can be provided by switching to wool bedding, but there is also another important feature, wool is naturally flame retardant. There are strict regulations that wool fabrics must be used on aircraft, on trains and even in fire-fighting and military uniforms for this exact reason.

Perhaps wool furniture or wool covered furniture costs a little more, but it could save your life! Wool is naturally flame retardant, it singes but does not ignite. Please be aware, some viewers may find the below video a little shocking.

This video was made under the supervision of professional firemen under controlled conditions and such fire testing should never be carried out by members of the public.

So next time when you are considering a new rug, sofa, bed or even new bedding please take a moment to consider wool.

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