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What baby bedding do I need?

Unsure of what to get for your little dreamer? We're here to help. We're experts in sleep, and there's nothing better than snuggling down for an all-natural night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energised. But babies and children need the same, if not more. That's why we've created our luxury kid's bedding bundles that harness the power of natural to ensure your little darlings get hours of endless bliss and dreams. (And so you can get some rest, too!)
For a very young baby, you'll need either a Moses basket, carrycot or crib – a place of safety and warmth that's not too far from you. If you're struggling to know what mattress to use in your cot, then use one that's firm, clean and dry. You'll probably need a mattress protector too, for inevitable night-time accidents. Cover with cosy and soft sheets and blankets for warmth and cosiness.
Our luxury kids' bedding bundles have everything you need to keep the little ones cosy and relaxed at night.

When can baby have a pillow and duvet?

Although wool duvets and pillows are luxuriously soft and wonderful to sleep with as adults, they're not suitable for babies until they're at least one year old.
For babies under 12 months, they should sleep in one of our wool baby sleeping bags. Protected, safe and snuggly, our wool baby bedding ensures that they'll get a full night's sleep so they can keep growing and developing.
Once your child is over a year old, then you can treat them to a choice of luxury kids' duvets bundles. Choose the natural benefits of wool and wrap your loved ones in softness. With wool being naturally hypoallergenic, mould and dust resistant, and temperature controlling, your little dreamers will be able to snuggle up in their luxury kids' bedding bundle and drift off into the land of nod without anything interrupting their sleep.
When babies and children have luxury sleep, that means parents and carers can get some much needed shut eye too.

Wool kids' bedding bundles

Scientifically proven to help the little one sleep, our wool kids' bedding bundles are here to help make bedtime a dream. With 100% natural British wool inside, wrapped in a snooze-worthy cotton layer, you'll be able to create the perfect natural sleep haven for your family with our kids' duvet bundles. Take the luxury wherever you go and invest in cosy travel cot bedding, so no matter where your family sleep, they'll drift off easily. Scientific studies have shown that babies sleeping on wool wake fewer times throughout the night, cry less and appear happier during the day. Our luxury baby bedding is naturally hypoallergenic too, meaning common night-time irritants will be snoozed away. Invest in luxury for your children and discover the best night's sleep with Woolroom.

Traceable kids' duvet bundles

At Woolroom, we're passionate about creating the best natural sleep products. That's why we put so much time and care into our kids' duvets bundles and travel cot bedding. We're proud to offer fully transparent and traceable wool right back to the farm. The wool that's used in our luxury kids' bedding bundles and travel cot bedding is ethically produced from a flock of happy, healthy sleep. With our Wool ID Programme, you can find out exactly where your wool came from. Why not show your children and ask them to count the sheep? Happy sheep one, happy sheep two, zzz…

Washable, organic, luxury baby bedding

Want even more out of our luxury baby bedding? With our industry-first organic washable baby bedding, you'll be able to snuggle up with the natural benefits of wool, but also keep your kids' bedding bundles fresh and clean by popping them into the washing machine. Simply add your favourite wool laundry detergent and wash on a wool cycle to enjoy freshness over and over again. With wool, you won't need to clean your luxury baby bedding too frequently because it naturally cleanses itself! (If only the rest of the washing would do that!) Our GOTS-certified luxury baby bedding has all the wonderful benefits of wool, but it's also better for the environment and the sheep. We care about animal welfare and devote the same amount of love, care and attention to the sheep as we do our customers. Happy sheep make wonderfully soft and cosy kids' bedding bundles and travel cot bedding.
Want everyone in the family to experience luxury? Then why not browse our wool bedding range? With a 60-night sleep trial, you can be confident that, if our bedding isn't cosiness enough, then you can return and get a full refund. With natural pillows and bedding bundle, we guarantee you a happy and healthy night's sleep.