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Trace Your Kids' Mattress Back to the Farm

Our kids' mattresses are designed to bring your little ones the ultimate comfort for a happier, healthier night's sleep – keeping them supported throughout the night. But now, not only are they natural, sustainable and biodegradable, they're also fully traceable. What this means is that you now have complete transparency on the source of the wool found in your kids' mattresses – a flock of happy, healthy sheep – allowing you to understand exactly where your child's bedding comes from.

Crib Baby Mattresses

Keep your little one supported throughout the night, naturally. Our wool cot mattresses aren’t just designed to provide the right level of support for your baby – they also harness the many benefits of natural fibres to help your little one sleep better.

Scientific research has shown that wool is a highly effective fibre for keeping the body at the optimum temperature for sleep, so natural kids’ mattresses made with wool can help your little one sleep tight throughout the night. The clever temperature regulating properties also work to absorb and desorb moisture from the body, so that your little one doesn’t become clammy. Our child-size mattresses also provide a hypoallergenic base which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Our children’s mattresses encase this powerful natural fibre within a 100% organic kids’ mattress cover made from cotton, further enhancing the breathability and temperature-regulating benefits.

But of course, that’s not all. You can also sleep easy in the knowledge that our natural baby mattresses are free from nasty chemicals and synthetic materials – meaning an all-natural night-time environment for your baby, toddler or child. Has your little one grown out of their natural crib mattress? Find out what else we have to offer below.

Natural Cot Bed Mattresses

Once your baby is ready to move up from a crib to a cot, they’ll want to take their baby mattresses with them! Our natural baby mattress range includes options for cots and cot beds, so you can find the size you need – and your growing baby can continue to reap the benefits of sleeping with an all-natural, wool cot mattress.

What’s more, each and every one of our natural crib mattresses and cot bed mattresses are lovingly handmade to ensure that they provide high-quality, durable support for your child.

All-Natural Kids’ Mattresses

In need of new children’s mattresses for your growing family? Our organic kids’ mattresses are available for children up to twelve years old. Past that point, Woolroom kids can graduate to the standard Woolroom mattresses – because there’s no age limit to better sleep. Our children’s mattress – the junior, child-size mattress – is designed to provide a safe, hypoallergenic solution for your child’s base and is made to fit a standard single bed.

As with the rest of our natural kids’ mattress range, our children’s mattress is 100% chemical free and brings all the anti-dust-mite, sleep enhancing benefits of wool to your little one’s bedroom.

Looking for a new kids’ mattress for your little one? Browse our range of children’s mattresses: including wool baby mattresses, toddler mattresses and natural kids’ mattresses, available to order online. Discover the key to better sleep, whatever stage your child is at. Pair with our range of kids’ and baby bedding for the full Woolroom experience.