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Why choose wool children's bedding?

Synthetic children's bedding can irritate your little ones’ skin, making them feel uncomfortable and keeping them awake at night. Tired babies mean exhausted parents. However, thanks to wool's naturally soft and luxurious benefits, including temperature regulation and mould and dust mite resistance, your little dreamers can snuggle up with our wool baby bedding and drift off for longer. In fact, wool children’s bedding can provide kids with up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep, meaning they'll be even more energised and vitalised than before (you can thank us later).
For babies under 12 months old, our baby sleeping bags offer the safest and cosiest sleeping environment. Are your little ones already outgrowing their baby bedding? Then invest in our children's bedding bundles, with duvets, mattress protectors, and pillows, and discover the sleep-enhancing of our cosy wool products.

How often should you change children’s bedding?

Children’s bedding sheets should be changed at least every two weeks, however night-time accidents and general spillages, (looking at you, juice), can warrant changing your baby bed linen every week. For little ones who struggle with allergies, weekly bed changing can also help soothe them and ease up their symptoms.
Struggling with washing piling up? We hear you. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and fungus. All this means that your wool cot bedding stays fresher for longer, and helps create the perfect sleeping environment for babies and children who suffer with allergies.

Washable, organic children’s bedding

What’s more, while our baby duvets and pillows are machine washable for easy care, there's no need to wash them at 60°C every few weeks, as the allergens simply can't survive in our wool bedding. That’s why our Woolroom Kids range of children's bedding has been awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval. Simply add your favourite detergent (ours is lavender, it helps with sleep!) and wash on a wool cycle with wool detergent. Then, enjoy fresh cot bedding over and over again. Want to combine the natural goodness of organic, but still want to wash your children's bedding to keep it fresh and clean? Now you can. With our industry-first, organic washable children’s bedding, you can ensure your little dreamers drift off into an all-natural night's sleep, whilst enjoying the lovely and comforting smell of your favourite laundry detergent. Snuggle up with GOTS-certified cot bedding and snooze in absolute luxury.

Traceable cot bedding

Babies and young children can spend up to 14 hours in bed each day – that’s a long time to be uncomfortable. We know that, as parents, you want the best for your little ones, which is why we've created luxury cot bedding. You want to know exactly where and how your children's bedding was made. Our traceability offers complete transparency on the source of your cot bed bedding, from the pillows to the baby mattress topper.
We're passionate about the environment too. So all of our children’s bedding is created from environmentally-friendly materials. Plus, all of the sheep are lovingly cared for. With our Wool ID Programme you and your family can trace your wool products right back to the farm they came from.

Create the perfect sleep haven for your children

Our range of luxury, natural children's bedding includes a variety of items, such as baby mattress toppers, duvets and pillows, to help your little one benefit from a better night's sleep:

Baby and Kids Pillows: Filled with natural wool, our children’s bedding harnesses all the benefits of this natural fibre – just like our popular Washable wool pillow for adults.

Baby and Kids Duvets: A washable, wool-filled duvet – available in cot and cot bed sizes that make it suitable for 12 months plus.

Mattress Enhancer: A soft, padded layer to make your little one's mattress comfier.

Mattress Protector: Keep the mattress clean and baby even comfier. Available in cot and cot bed sizes.

Cot and kids' bed sheets: Made from organic cotton, in a range of different colours and sizes. Easy and quick to fit.