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100 Night Trial - Terms and Conditions

Our 100-Night Sleep Trial is designed to give you the reassurance that you have made the right choice of mattress/topper and tension by trialling the mattress/topper in the comfort of your own home. This period lasts for 100 days and is only applicable when a Deluxe or Organic Washable Wool Mattress Protector is purchased (of the same size as the mattress/topper purchased) and used at the same time as your mattress/topper. Please note that this does not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

Refund or Exchange?

The two options under our 100-night trial are (1) returning the original mattress/topper for a refund or (2) exchanging the original mattress for a different model or tension of the same model.

a) Returning for a refund is simple and hassle free. (see Collection of Returned Mattresses section)

b) Please note that if you decide to exchange your mattress for a different tension or model as part of the 100-Night Sleep Trial this can only happen once. This means that once you use your 100-night trial to change to a different model or tension there will be no such second 100-night Sleep Trial allowed on the newly exchanged mattress.

Note: the only exception to this is if the original mattress was deemed to be faulty (after an inspection has taken place) and in these circumstances the new replacement mattress will automatically qualify for a new 100-Night sleep trial period.

Exclusions from 100-Night Sleep Trial

1. Due to their bespoke nature, we are unable to offer our sleep trials on non-standard sized mattresses/toppers, and split tension mattresses The definition of non-standard sized is where this size option does not feature in the list on the product itself. Please contact us if you wish to check if the size you are selecting is included.

2. We only offer the 100 Night Trial for orders delivered to Mainland US.

3. Mattresses/toppers bought without a Woolroom Deluxe Mattress Protector.

4. Nursery/Junior mattresses are not covered under the 100-Night Sleep Trial.
5. Mattresses or Mattress Toppers not used for a minimum of 60 nights consistently.

Collection of Returned Mattresses

The collection of the returned mattress/topper will be arranged with you directly by our customer care team who will attempt to collect the goods on a mutually agreed time & date. If you are not available for the collection on the agreed date, you are required to contact our customer care team (on 888 513 1092 / [email protected] or via online chat) directly and re-arrange or cancel the collection, at least 2 working days before the collection taking place. Failure to do this and a failed attempt of collection by the courier will incur a cost of $100 and therefore any future collections will only be scheduled following a payment for the collection fee, by you, which can be arranged with our customer care team.

It is your responsibility to be home on the specified day of collection to return the products to us.

If our first available collection date does not suit your requirements, then we are happy to wait until a day that suits you.

Terms & Conditions of the 100-Night Sleep Trial

1. We ask that you try the mattress/topper for a minimum of 60 nights consecutively before invoking one of the two options - (a) returning the mattress/topper or (b) exchanging for a different model or tension

2. We reserve the right to refuse the 100-Night Sleep Trial to anyone not operating as a consumer, or who is otherwise in breach of these terms.

3. The 100-Night Sleep Trial is only available on purchases via the Woolroom website and does not cover purchases via other marketplaces.

4. In addition to your statutory right to cancel your order, if you notify us in writing that you wish to return a mattress/topper to us no later than 100 days after receiving it, we will arrange for collection at no cost to yourself and will refund the purchase price (excluding any delivery costs if applicable) within a reasonable time (no later than 30 days) after we receive it in our returns center. The refund will be made in the same way used to make the payment.

5. The products must be returned in a reasonable condition; that means no damage, stains, rips or other visible marks or damage. Products must have been used, items still unopened and in the originial box would not qualify for a return as they would most likely be damaged.

6. Any damage or stains on the cover, found at the point of inspection in our returns center, may result in a refusal of refund depending on the state of the mattress/topper. To prevent this, we strongly recommend that you always use the mattress protector to ensure the mattress/topper is protected. Our Mattress Returns Form outline all the steps and request that you take pictures of the mattress before it is returned to us, as your proof of the quality and condition of the mattress/topper, before our delivery team collect it. If there is damage sustained to the mattress/topper in transit, these will be requested by our customer care team as proof that the mattress/topper left your property in good condition and failure to provide these may result in the fee for the damage being taken from your refund.

7. Damage or stains to the mattress/topper itself found at the point of inspection in our warehouse will result in a cleaning fee of $50 being reduced from your refund if the mattress/topper is expected to be cleanable. In the event that the damage / stains to the mattress/topper are so severe that it is not recoverable, we reserve the right to send the mattress/topper back to you at our cost and end your 100-night trial.

8. As above, all returned mattresses/toppers are inspected so we recommend that you notify our customer care team before delivery, if any damage / stain is present before shipping. Pictures of the mattress/topper before returning are helpful in case the mattress/topper is damaged by our courier in transit. They may also speed up your refund and act as proof that the goods have left your property in good condition.

9. It is the customer's responsibility to keep track of the 100-night trial dates and Woolroom will not be held responsible for any returns not being reported within the allocated time.

10. It is the customer's responsibility to contact us within the timeframe allowed to report a return request. Once our returns team contact you with the instructions on how to prepare the mattress/topper to return and the next steps, our customer care team will contact you to arrange collection. If you have missed the contact from our customer care team or they have not contacted you for any reason, you need to contact our customer service team immediately on 888 513 1092.

11. Failure to arrange collection within a maximum of 14 days after your 100-night trial dates, will result in your right to return the mattress/topper being voided. If you are unhappy with the mattress, we recommend allowing at least a week before your 100 night trial ends, so that you have time to arrange the collection for a suitable day within the coming days, within the 100 nights from delivery.

12. We reserve the right to refuse the 100-night trial policy without prior notice, in certain circumstances we see fit, including but not limited to:
a) where there is substantial evidence that the mattress/topper is damaged or stained, or otherwise unsuitable for secondary use.
b) where there is substantial evidence or belief that you are associated with another mattress brand or manufacturer.
c) where we believe there is any intent on your behalf to misuse the 100-night trial.
d) where there is any suspicion of misconduct, dishonesty or direct attempt at defrauding or otherwise cheating our company.
e) where an incorrect size or tension has been ordered and the product has been delivered and opened. This mistake is out of control and as such the 100 night trial is voided
f) where the mattress protector has not been used for the duration of the trial period. This would void any trial period on the mattress/topper.
g) where the mattress protector has been damaged resulting in point f. A new trial will not be given if a mattress protector has been damage through fault of the consumer.

13. Following a notice of your intention to cancel, a collection must be arranged and executed not later than 14 days from the date that you notified us of your intention to cancel. Failure to arrange collection may, save any exceptional circumstances (which must be communicated to us, and acceptance of same being subject to our discretion), invalidate your right to cancel the contract.

14. If you have received a mattress/topper, we will ask you to communicate an appropriate date for collection, which must be no later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your cancellation. If the date you proposed is agreed by us, we will collect the Products on the date stipulated without undue delay. Failure to communicate with us to arrange collection within the period allowed will void your rights to a return under the 100-Night Sleep Trial.

15. Where we have reasonable belief that you are returning your mattress/topper purely to abuse the discount codes / offers, or are looking to purchase the same model at a discounted rate via our store or an alternative selling platform (whether brand new or otherwise), we may refuse your 100 night trial. This does not affect your statutory rights.

16. Mattresses/toppers can be returned under the 100-night trial, but all accessories (e.g. mattress protector) bought with it or separately are not covered under the 100 Night Sleep Trial. The return of these items is subject to our normal terms and conditions however they must be used for the duration of the trial and cannot be returned sooner than any minimum usage period in place.