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Cozy comforter – cozy sleep

We know what it means to get a healthy, happy sleep. That’s why our fluffy comforters are all filled with 100% sheepswool.

When compared to other comforter fillings, wool is the only one that regulates your body temperature effectively each night, leaving you feeling cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months. But coziness goes beyond the bed you’re sleeping in. With wool comforter filling, you can build a sleeping environment that even has the ability to clean the air in the room, so you and your family are less exposed to unnatural or harmful compounds.

Warmest comforters for winter

What makes wool so good at keeping you warm? The properties in wool are constantly working to keep your body temperature on point, by wicking excess moisture away from the body and acting as a natural dehumidifier. This goes even further with our range of Luxury organic comforters, with a 50/50 blend of British wool and alapca fibers.

So, when you settle into bed at the end of each day, your comforter is working away to reduce humidity and create a healthier sleep environment.

Looking for the warmest comforters for winter? Try our all-season, cozy comforter – a snuggly, squishy duvet that enhances your sleep all year round.

Get even cozier with hypoallergenic bed comforters

When it comes to a cozy sleep, we understand that warmth and softness only go so far. If you have allergy symptoms that tend to flare up at night, our organic wool comforter filling works to keep common allergens to a minimum. Dust mites, fungal spores and mold allergens thrive in damp, warm environments – which means your bed is a prime target! This makes wool an ideal choice for a clean, hypoallergenic environment.

At Woolroom, we’re passionate about giving you a great night’s sleep. That’s why we choose wool – and even the sheep are happy about it! Rest easy in the knowledge that our farming friends at Woolroom always adhere to the 5 Freedoms policy, so that the conditions and the wellbeing of the sheep are in line with the Animal Welfare Act.

Find your cozy comforter from our range now, and get a healthier, happier night’s sleep.