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Why Choose an All-Season Comforter?

Combine your warm comforter with a cool comforter for the perfect night’s sleep, all year round. Our all-season comforters are made using a light comforter and warm comforter, so you can tailor your night’s sleep around your preferences.

Choose whether you want to use the medium or light comforter, or combine the two to make one of the coziest winter comforters out there. This is simple and easy to do with the integrated poppers, making it easy for you to change the warmth level whenever you need to.

Enhance Your Sleep with a Natural All-Season Comforter

Let the natural effects of our all-season comforter lull you into a tranquil snooze. Made from 100% British wool, or a combination of sheep and alpaca wool depending on your choice. What’s more, wool is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning our all-season comforters repel mold, mildew and dust mites too, with no nasty chemicals needed.

Suffer from night sweats? Our all-season comforter can help. The natural qualities of wool mean that moisture is wicked away from your bed and into the atmosphere, so you can remain fresh and comfortable at night.

Discover Deluxe and Luxury All-Season Comforters

Fill your sleep sanctuary with luxury, with one of our all-season comforters. Available in Deluxe and Luxury ranges, you can get that hotel feeling from home.

Want more wool bedding? Pair your all-season comforter with one of our organic wool pillows for extra comfort.