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Wool Mattress Covers

When it comes to giving your mattress the long life it deserves, you can’t go wrong with a quality mattress cover. Whether you’re looking for an extra slice of snuggly softness, or you simply want to keep your bedding as squeaky clean as possible, a mattress cover can make it happen. Protect your sleep by protecting your mattress with an all natural organic mattress cover.

Find your wool mattress cover below.

Wool mattress covers for allergies

Does your wake up routine always involve sneezing? Or are you struggling to drift off because your skin is itchy? There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning at night because of irritating allergy flare-ups. We get that. That’s why we’re passionate about ensuring that all of our bedding is 100% natural.

The thought of allergens making their way into your bed is uncomfortable to say the least. But the reality is that dust mites, bed bugs, fungal spores and mold are all desperately trying to sleep in our beds with us. With hypoallergenic mattress covers, your sleeping environment is naturally resistant to these uninvited allergens. So you can kick them out of bed with confidence!

Sleep soundly with hypoallergenic mattress covers

A hypoallergenic mattress cover doesn’t just mean you can keep allergens at bay. It also helps to alleviate your symptoms, enhance the quality of your sleep and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Mattresses are notoriously tricky to clean, and allergens can make themselves at home in your mattress no matter how often you flip it, vacuum it or wash it. With a wool mattress cover, you can place an extra barrier of protection between you and stubborn allergens, while also preventing any stains.

Unlike synthetic fibers like feather or down, a wool mattress cover is designed to keep you sleeping soundly for longer at that ‘just right’ temperature. The special combination of soft wool filling and organic cotton outers allows your skin to breathe, and regulates your temperature as you sleep. Just like magic.

Organic mattress covers – the perks

There are ample advantages to organic mattress covers. Asides from protecting your mattress, easing up your allergies and improving your sleep, you’re also giving a big nod to the environment. With Woolroom bedding, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that our farming friends always adhere to the 5 Freedoms policy. Happy mattress. Happy sleeper. Happy planet.

Find your organic mattress cover from our range now, and start getting a healthier, happier night’s sleep.