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Should I choose a twin mattress topper or protector?

Wondering whether to buy a twin mattress topper or protector? Let us help!
  • Protector: Choose a twin mattress protector if you like the comfort level of your current mattress, but want to experience the sleep-enhancing benefits of wool. It’ll also help you to protect your mattress from spills and strains.
  • Topper: Opt for a twin mattress topper if you want to make your mattress softer and comfier to sleep on. A topper will add a deeper layer of padding between you and your mattress, all while providing the sleep boosting benefits of wool too, of course!

  • Allergies? Choose a hypoallergenic twin wool mattress topper

    Suffer with allergies? A single mattress topper or protector made from wool can help. Wool naturally repels dust mites and mold spores. The naturally drying fibers mean that these creepy critters can’t thrive or survive, helping to keep them out of your bed! Sleep soundly without being disturbed by coughs and sneezes in the night, by adding a twin mattress topper or protector to your wool sleep system.

    Your twin wool mattress topper – ideal for every season

    Don’t stay hot and uncomfortable during the night. Introducing a twin mattress topper protector made from wool to your sleep sanctuary can help. Wool is designed to keep dry, so if you suffer with night sweats a sleeping with wool can help. No need for a mass of fans whirring in the night, as your single mattress topper or protector will wick away any excess sweat, leaving you feeling fresh and dry. Shop our full range of twin mattress protectors and toppers online today.

    Looking for other sizes? See our full range of wool mattress toppers and protectors.