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How to Clean a Mattress Pad Made From Wool

A mattress pad is a great way to make an old bed comfier and more supportive. But often people are put off introducing one as they think it will be additional work to look after. Here we explain how to clean a mattress pad easily, so it’ll keep you comfortable and cozy for many years to come.

How to minimize the need to wash a mattress pad

While you could sleep directly on your mattress pad, placing a sheet between you and your topper will save time in the long run. An extra barrier should mean you’ll need to wash the mattress pad less often, and any spills or stains will be less problematic. Choose wool or pure cotton sheets so that you don’t negate the benefits of the wool mattress pad.

Wool mattress toppers should be turned on a monthly basis – or even more when they are brand new. We would also recommend flipping them at least twice per year. This will help to prevent uneven wear helping your wool mattress pad stay as soft and comfortable as the day you bought it.

Every three months you should air your wool mattress topper by laying it on a groundsheet or blanket outside in the sun to help freshen it up.

How to wash a mattress pad

People often ask us, ‘Can you wash a mattress pad?’ and the answer is ‘It depends.’ You will need to read the instructions that come with your mattress topper as the material it is made from will dictate how you should treat it.

How to wash wool mattress pads

You can usually wash mattress pads made from synthetics in your washing machine, but with wool it’s down to what kind of treatment the fibers have received.

If you’re wondering how to clean a mattress topper that is made from natural untreated wool, the instructions may say don’t wash in a machine or dry clean. If this is the case, don’t be tempted to try it. The wool fibers will feel uneven, and the pad will go hard and lumpy inside.

The great thing about wool mattress pads from Woolroom is that you can machine-wash them on a cool cycle. In fact, there’s no need to remove the outer or worry about the wool inside. We’ve added a treatment to the wool fibers, that will stop it from getting ruined in the washing machine.

How often should I wash my wool mattress pad?

It’s good to remember that your wool mattress pad will not need to be regularly washed in the machine. Because wool has the ability to self-clean! As it absorbs moisture and releases it into the air, your wool mattress pad is very hygienic. So, don’t be tempted to wash it regularly. Instead, put it outside on a clear day, or at least open your windows to allow air to circulate around the wool fibers. This should result in a clean mattress pad.

How to clean a mattress topper that was peed on

With a liquid stain, it is a little harder to clean your mattress pad simply by airing. Don’t panic and remember treating the stain sooner rather than later will give the best results. Start by blotting with a soft cloth or kitchen towel. This should remove the worst of the liquid. Next, use a slightly damp cloth or sponge and press it into the stain rather than rubbing. Make sure you use only cold water, as hot water will set a protein stain such as urine or blood. Try not to use too much water. If necessary mix together a thick paste of salt, baking soda and water, spread it onto the area and allow it to dry. Gently brush the powder away and throw into the washing machine to eliminate the stain. Once clean, air the mattress pad and remove any odors.

What not to do when cleaning a mattress topper made from wool

  • Don’t use a beater – It’s true that people used to beat rugs and blankets to get the dust out of them. The jury is out on whether this worked anyway, but with a wool mattress pad beating is an absolute no-no. Heavy beating will break up the delicate fibers and your comfortable pad will end up lumpy and bumpy.
  • Don’t submerge in water – Getting a wool mattress pad completely sodden will not do the internal fibers any favors – you’ll end up with clumps. A damp sponge should be good enough to remove stains.
  • Don’t steam clean – While steam cleaners are known for their antibacterial properties, they are not designed for fabric. The excess moisture will cause the wool to clump, and as wool itself is naturally antibacterial, this kind of heavy-duty cleaning is not necessary.
Hopefully we’ve answered your questions about how to wash a mattress topper so that you can buy in the confidence that you won’t be taking on a mammoth task. Check out our range of wool mattress toppers for an all-natural topper that you can machine wash too!

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