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Sleep better with organic wool comforters

Say goodbye to interrupted sleep with our range of cool, lightweight comforters. Thanks to the breathable wool filling and natural cotton outer, our wool filled comforters are designed to regulate your body temperature effectively, helping you to maintain the right temperature for sleep. What’s more, wool is a highly effective fibre for drawing moisture away from the body at night – so if you suffer with night sweats, that uncomfortable, clammy feeling could soon become a thing of the past.

And as if that’s not enough, our lightweight comforters are hypoallergenic too – meaning they keep dust mites and fungal spores at bay. A smart choice for night-time allergy sufferers. Partner with our wool pillows and wool mattress toppers for your coolest, most comfortable night’s sleep.

Lightweight comforters for summer

Looking for the perfect lightweight comforter for summer? Our lightweight wool comforters are ideal for combating the heat. The natural wool filling helps to regulate temperature, while their thin construction means you won’t wake feeling weighed down. Choose from light or super lightweight comforters – the coolest natural bedding money can buy.

Shop lightweight comforters online to stay cool in the warmer months.

Search our range of organic wool comforters

Looking for your perfect lightweight comforters? Use this guide to help you choose from our Deluxe and Luxury ranges:

Deluxe Washable collection: 100% British wool, 100% cotton and 0% synthetic materials. These premium lambswool comforters are machine washable and available in light and super lightweight options.

Organic Washable: An industry first – we use nothing but natural materials in these luxury wool comforters. Filled with fully GOTS certified and machine washable British wool, and encased in 300 thread count organic cotton, our organic washable bedding is truly one of a kind.

Our lightweight comforters are part of our organic wool bedding collection. Want to get the best lightweight comforter for you? Shop our full range of organic wool comforters online today.

If you're looking for a particular sized comforter, the links below may help: