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Organic washable wool bedding

Our Organic Washable collection of bedding boasts all the natural benefits of wool, with all the Woolroom quality. Thanks to our innovative approach to sleep, we’re able to offer an all-natural sleep solution that can be machine washed on a wool/gentle cycle – it’s tried and tested.

Hand-crafted from traceable organic wool and encased in a breathable 100% organic cotton outer, you’re guaranteed healthier sleep. But what makes it truly organic? In line with the Five Freedoms, our farmers and manufacturing process are independently verified and audited for complete assurance. Not to mention that the sheep are free to graze on 100% organic pasture that has been free from chemicals for at least three years.

The organic wool for our washable bedding is segregated from non-organic fibers throughout sorting, processing and manufacturing to avoid contamination.

What does organic mean for your sleep?

“Organic” is a term that gets thrown about a lot – organic produce, organic pasture and now, organic bedding. But it’s not a term to be thrown around lightly. Behind our wool products is a holistic farming system that produces high-quality materials using methods that benefit people, animals and the planet.

Organic farming ultimately leads to happier, healthier sheep that produce better quality wool for your bedding – giving you the most natural and sustainable night’s sleep with our most luxurious bedding set yet.

With quality organic bedding, you’re guaranteed clean sleep that’s free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, leaving you feeling ready and refreshed to tackle any day. In fact, we’re so confident that our wool bedding will result in a better night’s sleep that we offer a 30-Night Sleep Trial with every bedding purchase. And, if you don’t see a noticeable improvement after that time, you’ll receive a full refund.

We are passionate about working with environmentally-friendly materials in both our products and our packaging. But the benefits of the Woolroom sleep solution don’t stop there. As standard, wool is a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable fibre that offers 25% more regenerative sleep.

Traceable organic bedding

Our collection of washable organic cotton bedding is part of our traceable bedding prgram, boasting all the natural qualities that make wool the perfect choice for your sleep environment. Traceability offers complete transparency on the source of your bedding – so you can sink into bliss counting the sheep that helped create your cozy wool bedding.

Browse our complete collection of organic washable wool bedding and build your perfect sleep environment today.