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Wool Mattresses

Discover a happier night’s sleep with a handmade wool mattress that’s organic, chemical free and 100% British. Start building your sleep sanctuary today with an all-natural mattress from Woolroom.
Classic Wooly Mattress
From $840 (was $1,200)
Deluxe Wooly Mattress
From $1,085 (was $1,550)
Luxury Wooly Mattress
From $1,750 (was $2,500)
The Wooly Mattress Topper
From $549.50 (was $785)

Change the way you sleep with a wool mattress

Create the perfect base for your bed with a naturally comfortable wool mattress. At Woolroom, our organic mattress range contains natural fillings, no synthetics and no flame retardant chemicals.

British sheep wool mattresses – designed for true comfort

A good night’s sleep is a powerful thing. But did you know that wool can help to improve the quality of your sleep? Sleeping with wool has been proven to boost the amount of deep, regenerative sleep you get, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed. Say hello to better sleep with a wool mattress.

Sleep easy with one of our handmade, all natural mattresses

It’s comforting to know that your mattress is made from all natural materials – with no nasty chemicals lurking around inside. And when you buy a Woolroom chemical free mattress, you get just that. Our organic wool mattresses are made from 100% British wool and are handmade (and hand-tufted) by our experts, right here in the UK.

Thanks to the natural, thermo-regulating properties of wool, it even helps to keep you cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re not! These are the benefits that a synthetic mattress simply can’t deliver.

Discover a happier night’s sleep with a hypoallergenic mattress

But the wonders of wool don’t stop there. Investing in a wool mattress also creates a hypoallergenic environment that is 99.9% dust mite free. This makes a wool mattress the ideal option for asthmatics or allergy sufferers, and creates a flare-up free sleeping zone. Sleeping soundly on a hypoallergenic mattress can help to keep the unwelcome allergens at bay – because we all know that it’s much easier to sleep when you’re not sneezing and wheezing all night.

How to care for your luxury organic mattress

Get the most from your wool mattress by following our top care tips. Your Woolroom mattress should ideally be turned weekly for the first month or two after its purchased. To give you some additional tips, we’ve put together a guide to caring for your new natural mattress, which we’d recommend you read to keep yours in top condition for as long as possible.

Browse our selection of wool mattresses and find your perfect match today – handmade in the UK, delivered straight to your door. Want to take it one step further? Activate your 100 Night Sleep Guarantee by adding a mattress protector or topper to your basket for an extra layer of natural comfort.