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King Mattresses

Sleep easy with a completely natural king size mattress. All our mattresses are hand-crafted and filled with nature’s miracle material – wool. What’s so clever about wool? Its fibres have the ability to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. That means you’re kept cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s not. Shop natural king size mattresses for the sleep enhancing effects of wool.

King size pocket sprung mattresses

With pocket spring technology and temperature-regulating wool working hand in hand, our organic king size mattresses are designed to provide you with all the support and comfort necessary for a great night’s sleep.

For an increased level of support, we only produce mattresses with hand-nested springs, and depending on which of our ranges you choose from, you can also benefit from an award winning, Revolution spring system and mini HD springs. With each hand-nested spring flexing individually, but also working in unison, you’ll have the support you need to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Temperature regulating king size mattresses

With one of our natural king size mattresses, you’ll be creating a healthier sleep environment for yourself. Free from synthetics and chemicals, our wool mattresses are breathable, keeping you cool and comfy all night.

And the exceptional thing about wool is that it naturally regulates your temperature as you sleep. With the ability to both insulate and wick moisture away from the body, it can keep you cool if you’re prone to night sweats. Equally, it can effectively insulate as the temperature drops. Unlike synthetic alternatives, you’re guaranteed breathability and a better sleep without the worry of being exposed to nasty chemicals.

What’s the best king size mattress for allergies?

It’s always nice to know that your sleep environment is free from chemicals. But did you also know that a king size mattress made with wool is the best choice for allergy sufferers? Why? It all links back to wool’s ability to self-regulate.

With more and more people in the UK struggling with common allergies to dust and pollen, it’s useful to know how to naturally keep your symptoms to a minimum. And one way of doing that is by removing dust mites from your sleep environment. Dust mites can’t thirve in clean, dry environments and as wool is adept at wicking moisture away from the body, it becomes a much less desirable place for dust mites to linger. A natural king size mattress is the best route to take for allergy sufferers who find that their allergy symptoms keep them awake at night. Plus, you get the added benefit of a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. What’s not to like?

Activate your sleep guarantee

When you buy a natural king size mattress at the Woolroom, you can benefit from our 100 night sleep guarantee when you add a mattress protector or topper to your basket. That means that if you haven’t had a better night’s sleep with your new king size mattress, after that time period, we’ll give you a full refund.