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30-Night Sleep Trial

We care about your comfort and sleep health, especially since the average person spends over a third of their life in bed. That’s why we’ve made all-natural bedding guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep from day one. If you're eager to explore the natural wonders of a wool duvet but aren't quite sure if it's the perfect match for you, worry not. Our 30-Night Sleep Trial gives you chance to try it out with ease. Your satisfaction is our priority. So, if, after 30 nights, your cosy wool duvet doesn't live up to your expectations, fret not! We're more than happy to accept returns and offer refunds, even if it has been used and washed.

Traceable, hypoallergenic duvets

At Woolroom, your sleep comfort and the well-being of our sheep are our top priorities. We take sustainability seriously, which is why we've introduced our Wool ID® Programme , ensuring complete traceability throughout our product range. All our wool comes from British farmers, ensuring that our hypoallergenic duvets are entirely free from chemicals and synthetics, making them a perfect choice for those with allergies. With our gentle shearing process during the summer months, our sheep get to enjoy the warm weather without their heavy coats, contributing to the genuine eco-friendliness of our wool duvets. If you're thinking of upgrading your bedding, explore our exquisite selection of opulent wool bedding and pillows , and let us help you create the ultimate sleep haven. Your journey to dreamland begins here!

What are the benefits of a wool duvet?

Wool is nature’s miracle material. Naturally hypoallergenic, wool is the perfect anti-allergy duvet to keep allergens and dust mites at bay. So you can say sweet dreams to those pesky night-time sniffles. Unlike down or synthetic materials, wool is a true expert at regulating temperature. It effortlessly disperses warm air when things get stuffy and holds on to warmth during cooler nights. Plus, our temperature-regulating duvets have exceptional moisture-wicking abilities to ensure the perfect sleep environment, taking care of your skin and comfort all night.

Can you wash a wool-filled duvet?

As an industry first, our Organic Washable and Deluxe wool duvets are now washable. So, you can enjoy fresh duvets time after time. Simply place in the washing machine and add your favourite wool laundry detergent (ours is lavender scented, it helps with sleep!). We know that washing can be a tedious task. But thankfully due to wool's natural hypoallergenic benefits, you'll be able to go longer between washes and still experience freshness. Curl up, snuggle down and enjoy luxury with your wool-filled duvet.