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Temperature regulating, anti-allergy double duvets

We're firm believers that a natural night's sleep is a better night's sleep. And super soft British wool is the perfect natural material to help provide it.

The science backs it up too - a University of Sydney study found sleeping with wool can give you 25% more stage 4 sleep. Stage 4 is the one in which your body repairs itself. So, the more you get, the more you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Filled with Wool ID® traceable wool , there are no chemicals and definitely no synthetics in our double wool duvets. They're naturally hypoallergenic - so, if you suffer from allergies, you can rest easier - our duvets are suitable for you.

Wool also provides superior temperature regulation. It draws moisture away from your body as you sleep - to stop that sticky, sweaty feeling you get when it's too warm. Plus, it's a breathable insulator - it'll work with your body when it's cold to keep you warm. Try wool sleep today – *buy a double wool duvet from our range and try for 30 nights, risk-free with our Sleep Trial . If you don't enjoy a better night's sleep, we'll give you your money back.

What size is a double duvet?

The size of a double duvet is 200 x 200cm or 78″ x 78" (width by length).

How heavy is a double duvet?

All our double wool duvets are available in four different weights:

Light (2 - 5 tog) Medium (7 - 10 tog) Warm (11 - 14 tog) All Seasons (2 - 15 tog)

Whether you're a hot sleeper, a cold sleeper or someone who simply falls into the 'just right' category, choosing the right weight will help to make sure you get the cosiest night's sleep, every night.

Need some help finding the perfect weight for you? Our Duvet Tog Guide will help you make the right choice.

How to wash a double duvet

Our Chatsworth Collection and Organic Washable double duvets are machine washable. Set your machine to a wool/delicate cycle and wash at 40 degrees with a wool detergent . We also recommend a spin speed lower than 800RPM. Once washed, simply pop it out to dry on your washing line.

Our Classic double wool duvets are entirely natural - so, you don't need to clean them all that regularly. Instead, letting them air outside for a couple of hours can help to freshen them up. However, if you do need to clean your Classic duvet, we recommend dry cleaning only.