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Temperature regulating, hypoallergenic king size duvets

Wool is one of nature's miracle materials. It's soft. It draws moisture away from the body and then releases it - preventing those clammy conditions in which allergy-triggering dust mites thrive. And it's a breathable insulator, so it'll work with your body to ensure your temperature is kept consistent as you dream sweet dreams. That's why we're such advocates of wool sleep. Each of our king wool duvets is packed with 100% Wool ID® traceable wool . No synthetics, no chemicals - just nature's best stuff! With wool, you'll enjoy better sleep - science has shown it. The University of Sydney found sleeping with wool can give you 25% more stage 4 sleep - the stage in which your body repairs itself. Join the wool sleep revolution today - *order a king size wool duvet from our range and you'll be able to try it risk-free for 30 nights with our Sleep Trial . If you don't enjoy better sleep afterwards? We'll give you a refund!

What size is a king size duvet?

The size of a king size duvet is 225 x 220cm or 88" by 86" (width by length).

So, it's designed to fit a king-sized bed and comfortably accommodate up to two sleepers (even if one of those sleepers is a duvet hogger!).

Which way does a king size duvet go?

The longest edges should sit horizontally on your bed, so there's plenty for two sleepers to share (and prevent nightly duvet fights!).

How heavy is a king size duvet?

Our king size wool duvets come in four different weights:

Light (2 - 5 tog) Medium (7 - 10 tog) Warm (11 - 14 tog) All Seasons (2 - 15 tog)

Whether you're someone affected by night sweats, wake up with a chill or someone who falls into that 'just right' category, making sure you choose the right duvet is the key to a comfortable night's sleep.

Explore our Duvet Tog Guide to help you pick the perfect weight for your bed.

How to wash a king size duvet at home

Our Chatsworth Collection and Organic Washable king duvets can be cleaned in your washing machine. However, it's important to ensure your washing machine's drum is large enough to hold the duvet - a washing machine drum size of 9kg+ is recommended.

You can wash these duvets on a wool / delicate cycle at 40 degrees on a spin cycle of less than 800RPM with a wool detergent .

You can also hand wash with a delicate wool detergent in a bathtub if your washing machine isn't large enough. Fill your bath up to halfway with warm water and add your detergent. Then gently rub small sections of the duvet together. When you've cleaned the whole duvet, empty the bathtub, then rinse the duvet with warm water.

When washed, simply hang your duvet out to dry on the washing line.

Our Classic king size wool duvets are designed so you don't need to regularly clean them. This means you can simply freshen yours up by airing outdoors. If you do need to clean your Classic duvet, we recommend dry cleaning only