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Why use a wool mattress topper?

Looking to turn your bed into a haven of cosiness? With a wool topper, you can make your mattress softer and comfier without having to buy a new one. Add an extra layer of padding on top of your mattress and sink into clouds of cotton-wrapped, fluffy wool. Your natural mattress topper will provide more support during your sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energised. Why not combine your wool mattress topper with a luxurious wool duvets and pillows and wrap up in comfort?
Plus, with wool – nature’s miracle material – your night-time issues will be a thing of the past. Naturally hypoallergenic, you’ll be able to sleep soundly without coughing and sneezing interrupting your slumber. Drift away and let Woolroom handle your allergies. With a hypoallergenic wool topper, we’ll create a barrier between you and your allergens, so you can get a happier, healthier night’s sleep.

Do wool mattress toppers keep you cool?

Wool is wonderful. However, there is the common association that it’s warm and sticky. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, wool has natural temperature regulating properties, meaning our wool mattress toppers help you stay warm and cosy in the winter, and cool and fresh in the summer.

Is overheating a nightmare for your slumber? Then treat yourself to a natural mattress topper. Its breathable fabric will embrace you, so you feel like you’re floating. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool won’t trap heat in your bed, so you won’t have to rip away the covers during a warm summer evening, and instead can stay bundled in pure opulence. It’s also naturally absorbent and wicks away moisture from the skin, so your skin will be lovingly soothed by our natural mattress toppers.

Organic mattress toppers

At Woolroom, we’re devoted to you and the environment. Snoozing is good for everyone, and we’ve made it our mission to provide better sleep for our customers and the planet. To make our bedding products sustainable, we’re using naturally biodegradable wool. So, when your organic mattress topper reaches the end of its natural life, it won’t laze around in landfill.

Don’t comprise on luxury over saving the planet. With our organic mattress toppers, you can have both! By choosing our organic wool toppers, you can do your bit for the environment by simply sleeping.

Traceable thick wool mattress toppers

Wool is naturally clever; but, at Woolroom, we’ve taken it one step further. Our wool bedding ranges are part of our Wool ID programme, so you have complete transparency on where your bedding came from – part of our vision to take traceability to the next level. This means that our luxuriously thick wool mattress toppers are filled with lovely wool that has been lovingly cared for, from farm to shop. So, if you’re struggling to sleep, you can drift off by counting the sheep who helped make your thick wool mattress topper.

We know that caring for the environment is important. That’s why we’re committed to doing right by the planet. Our natural mattress toppers are made from environmentally friendly materials, so you can drift off in sustainable comfort. With enhanced comfort and support, sink into our luxuriously soft organic mattress toppers and dream of those wonderful, happy sheep.

Looking for the perfect mattress to go with your super-soft mattress topper? Then why not browse our range of cloud-like wool mattresses and sleep on a bed of dreams. Not sure you’ll fall in love? Then don’t worry, if you purchase a bedding bundle with a wool mattress topper, duvet and pillows, then you have a 60-night sleep trial. So if you don’t like having the most peaceful night’s sleep after 60 nights, then you can easily return it and get a full refund!