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Traceable, anti-allergy double bed mattress toppers

We love wool. It’s a truly magical natural material. Wool naturally repels moisture, so it’ll keep your body temperature consistent throughout the night as you snooze. It allows moisture to pass through its fibres without trapping it, eradicating those clammy conditions in which dust mites and other allergens thrive. So, you can drift off into a long night of blissful sleep. We’re proud to offer fully traceable wool in all our bedding and mattresses. The UK farms we source our wool from have had stringent checks to ensure the high-quality welfare of the sheep and that farmers are paid fairly. With our Wool ID® , you can scan the QR code on your product tag to trace the origins of the wonderful wool inside your double mattress topper and get to know the sheep and farmers who provided it. *Our 30-Night Sleep Trial allows you to try out our wool double bed mattress toppers for 30 nights. If you don’t enjoy a better night’s sleep afterwards, we’ll give you a refund, even if the topper has been washed!

What size is a double mattress topper?

Our double bed mattress toppers are 135 x 190 cm (width by length). It’s designed to fit all UK double beds and ensures both sleepers are supported throughout the night. Say goodnight to uncomfortable spots in the mattress and say good morning to the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have!

Why use a double bed mattress topper?

Our luxuriously soft wool double mattress topper is designed to make your mattress more comfortable. If your mattress needs some extra TLC, adding a mattress topper will provide an extra cushioning layer to make you feel like you’re lying on a bed of clouds. Since our mattress toppers are made from wool, you’ll get all the wonderful benefits of all-natural sleep. We already know that wool is great at keeping the temperature consistent and allergies at bay, but it’s also naturally resistant to static, dirt and dust, and it’s very durable. Meaning you can enjoy a clean, fresh, snooze-worthy topper night after night.

How deep is a double mattress topper?

Our Chatsworth and Organic Washable wool double mattress toppers are 4-5 cm thick, adding an extra layer of luxury to your bed. If you need even more support and comfort, then our Woolly Sprung mattress topper is 9-10 cm thick. Crafted with the latest micro-coil technology combined with a sumptuously soft layer of Wool ID traceable British wool.

Is a double mattress topper good for back pain?

If your mattress is causing you pain or pressure during the night, then adding a mattress topper will help. Our wool-filled toppers for double beds will help evenly distribute your weight and remove strain from sensitive areas, such as your spine, shoulders and hips. An all-natural mattress topper will help support natural spinal alignment and ensure healthy sleep posture. Plus, it’ll keep night-time allergies and night sweats at bay, so you can get a perfect night’s sleep.