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Machine washable pillows

We understand that you want the benefit of an all natural, quality pillow but you also want to be able to freshen them up too. With our washable pillows you get the best of both worlds - a chemical free, all natural pillow that you can machine wash.

Usually, if you were to wash wool it would felt and lose its loft. However, we listened to our customers and worked to develop a washable wool pillow that would not lose any of its original lofty qualities after a machine wash. It’s taken over 10 years of product development to bring you a truly washable wool pillow that does not lose its original hypoallergenic and temperature regulating properties.

The best machine washable pillows…

…are those that you don’t need to wash that often at all! The best thing about our washable pillow inserts is that they are capable of keeping themselves dry and fresh. How? Wool has a natural ability to regulate temperature – just think about how a sheep’s wool fleece can keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our wool pillows work on the same principle. They keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. And it’s because of this clever ability to thermo-regulate that our washable pillows also stay fresh and dry for longer.

Washable pillows that are adjustable too

We’ve conquered all natural quality. And we’ve mastered washable wool. So we thought we’d go that extra mile and provide you with a natural, machine washable pillow that is also truly adjustable.

It’s difficult get the tension of your pillow right first time. So our washable pillows range can be tailored to you. All you have to do is unzip the safety zip on your pillow and manipulate the wool clusters inside. If you like a softer, loftier pillow, simply pull some of the wool clusters apart to get some air between them. Prefer to lie flat? You can remove some of the wool clusters from your pillow if it simply doesn’t suit your sleep style. Or if you like a deeper, firmer pillow to sleep on, pick up some extra wool to stuff your pillow with. The beauty of your adjsutable, machine washable pillow is that you can continue to adjust it depending on how you sleep best.

Shop our washable pillows now and get a healthier, happier night’s sleep.