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Baby Sleep Advice

Little one struggling to sleep? In our Baby Sleep Advice Hub you'll find lots of great tips and information that will help you and your little ones sleep right through the night. For calmer, quieter and more restful nights, our baby sleep tips are suited to a range of baby sleep problems – from night-time routines and temperature regulation, to sleep regression and the best baby sleep advice. Because after all, if they sleep better then so do you.

Better rest for the whole family with sleep advice for baby

Your baby’s sleep habits will influence your own, so ensure the whole family gets a quality night’s sleep with our advice for baby sleep problems. Some babies sleep more than others, while some tend to nap in short bursts. And because every baby’s sleep pattern is different, it can be hard to keep up. Our baby sleep tips for patterns and problems will help to overcome the early years and make bedtime that little bit smoother.

Top tips for baby sleep with Woolroom

At Woolroom Kids, we’re dedicated to helping your little ones sleep safe and soundly. That’s why we use wool – nature’s miracle fibre. If your newborn or toddler is experiencing sleep problems, wool could be the solution. And our Baby Sleep Advice Hub is filled with information and tips for baby sleep problems that will help the whole family settle down. But be sure to keep checking back, as we regularly add more baby sleep guides and tips to help your little one get a peaceful night's slumber.