Your Baby Bedding Guide

Unsure about which bedding is best for your baby? Don’t worry – every new parent has questions, and with there being so many baby bedding options out there, it can be tricky narrowing down which is best to buy for your baby.

If you’re asking yourself “what baby bedding do I need?” then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our Baby Bedding Guide and discover more.


What Baby Bedding Do I Need?

Helping young babies get a good night’s sleep is top of every new parent’s agenda – because if baby isn’t sleeping, neither are they. Babies can experience many factors that prevent them from sleeping, including:
  • Hunger
  • Overheating
  • Too cold
  • Unwell
  • Bad dreams
  • Teething
  • Generally wide awake and wanting to play
When it comes to being too cold, overheating or feeling unwell, wool bedding can help relieve your baby and contribute towards them getting a good night’s sleep. Because babies aren’t fully developed, they aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures. This means it is important for parents to monitor their baby’s temperature as best they can, particularly during the night.

That’s where wool baby bedding comes in. Wool is proven to regulate body temperature, thanks to its natural, breathable fibres. This means babies can be kept cool when the temperature is hot, and kept warm when temperatures drop, at each stage of their development.

Stage 1: Baby Sleeping Bags

Perfect to use from birth, baby sleeping bags are ideal for when your baby is struggling to settle in their crib or cot. Made from natural wool and coated in a soothing layer of breathable cotton, sleeping bags encourage a healthy body temperature and help your baby sleep.

Note: Babies tend to grow out of sleeping bags around the age of three.

Stage 2: Crib and Cot Mattresses

Many new parents wonder “what bedding do I need for a cot?”, and the answer is simple. When babies are very young and sleeping in a cot, it is important that they have a breathable crib mattress sturdy enough to help them develop a healthy sleeping position.
  • Crib mattress – designed to help baby achieve and maintain a good sleeping position, wool crib mattresses are filled with all the natural fibres that promote body temperature regulation, such as coir, wool and latex. They also have a natural cotton outer.
  • Cot/Cotbed mattress – these mattresses are fitted with a little extra padding, providing more comfort when your baby grows out of the crib.

If you’re preparing your nursery for baby’s arrival, see our nursery mattresses. If you’re looking for a cotbed mattress size guide, our mattresses are available in a range of sizes to fit different cribs and cots, helping your baby develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

Stage 3: Baby Bedding Extras

As your baby develops, you may want to add some extra layers of comfort to their bedding. Especially when they grow out of their cot and move into their first proper bed!
  • Mattress Protector – filled with 100% British wool, our mattress protectors have cotton outers designed to keep mattresses clean and comfortable. Of course, babies can have accidents during the night, which is why these protectors are easy to care for – wash at 30?C in your washing machine.
  • Mattress Enhancer – a soothing combination of natural cotton and lamb’s wool, mattress enhancers are designed to help regulate your baby’s body temperature and help your baby sleep, adding a soft layer of padding for extra comfort.
  • Pillows/Duvets – ideal for babies over 12 months, wool pillows and duvets are great for helping them settle into their first proper bed. It can be a big move for a child, and they may feel uneasy moving from the safety of their cot. Designed for heat regulation and moisture absorption, wool pillows and duvets will soothe them into a comfortable night’s sleep.
See our wool baby bedding and choose the best option for your little one. Natural and hypoallergenic, our selection of pillows, duvets, sheets and mattress accessories will help your baby sleep better, and for longer through the night.


Keep your baby content with a sheepskin accessory – anything from cuddly bears to buggy liners and comforters are ideal to help your baby settle, both at night and during the day.

Babies settle easier when they have something soft and comfortable to snuggle with, and what better companion than moisture-controlling, temperature-regulating sheepskin?

Learn more about our wool baby bedding at Woolroom

We’ve designed our full range of Woolroom baby products to be naturally hypoallergenic, helping your baby get a good night’s sleep, free from unstable body temperature and discomfort. In fact, we’re the only natural bedding range to have been awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval. Learn more about our wool baby bedding and how it works.

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