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What Tog Sleeping Bag For Baby?

When it comes to getting little ones to settle, sleeping temperature is important. Wondering what tog sleeping bag is right for your baby? We’ve got your questions answered when it comes to togs for tots.

What Tog Sleeping Bag for Baby 

Baby sleeping bag tog guide


What is tog rating?

Tog rating is a way of measuring the thermal warmth of a duvet or sleeping bag. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet or sleeping bag will be. Find out more about sleeping bag togs for babies below.

So, what tog sleeping for baby?

When it comes to bedding, it can be tempting to think that warmest is best… But this is often not the case. When it comes to your little ones, you want to make sure they’re comfortable and cosy, but don’t overheat – which can cause them to become unwell.

In severe instances, it has even been associated with SIDS. (You can learn more about SIDS from the NHS.) Overall, babies and young children are at an increased risk of overheating, as their bodies haven’t fully developed to help them regulate temperature effectively.

This is why you’ll find that baby sleeping bag advice is a lot different to that of their parents. While adult duvets and bedding are typically available in tog ratings of up to 14, bedding for babies and children is only available in much lower tog ratings. For example, here at Woolroom Kids, our baby sleeping bags are available only in a 2.5 tog rating, to help you keep baby cool and comfortable at night. But what happens when the temperature drops? Does baby need a thicker duvet? Discover our baby sleeping bags tog advice for the colder months below. [Baby sleeping bag image. Suggested image alt: "Baby Sleep Bag Tog Guide"]

What tog sleeping bag for baby in winter?

Because they’re made with a natural wool filling, our 2.5 tog baby sleeping bags are suitable for both summer and winter. It’s the best of both worlds! This is because wool is a naturally temperature-regulating fibre, keeping you – and baby – cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re not.
To help keep your little tot comfortable, whatever the season, choose the right layer for underneath their sleeping bag. In winter, this is likely to be a long-sleeved merino wool sleep suit, while in summer you might choose to dress them in a short-sleeved sleep suit for a little more breathing room.

What tog sleeping bag for newborn?

Our 2.5 tog baby sleeping bags are suitable from birth, as long as your baby weighs more than 3.2kg. So even the newest additions to your family can benefit from the temperature-regulating properties of wool.

Helping baby sleep safely at night

Maintaining a healthy sleeping temperature is important for a safe night’s sleep. It’s also important to make sure that your baby’s sleeping bag fits correctly. Follow our baby sleeping bag advice below for some pointers:
  • Make sure the sleeping bag fits securely at the shoulders. If your baby’s head can pass through the neck hole, the sleeping bag is too loose and you should opt for a smaller size.
  • Make sure baby can move their legs freely within the sleeping bag.
  • Check both the age and measurement guidelines before choosing your sleeping bag – this will help you to find a better fit.

Ready for the next steps? If your baby is over 12 months old, it could be time for them to move from sleeping bag to duvet. Here at Woolroom, we offer a range of wool-filled duvets for babies and young children too. So they can continue to benefit from the sleep-enhancing qualities of wool as they grow.

Now you know what tog sleeping bag for baby, it’s time to create the perfect sleep sanctuary for your little one. Check out our complete range of kids’ bedding. Looking for more tips and tricks to help your baby sleep? Visit our Baby Sleep Advice Hub for articles on everything from tackling teething to creating a bedtime routine!