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When To Move From Cot To Bed

Have you ever been so uncomfortable that you just can't sleep?

No-one likes feeling cramped in bed, and the same notion applies to children. You might start them off in a Moses basket, or move them straight into a cot, but eventually (thanks to all of those healthy growth spurts!), it’ll be time to move them into their very own big kids’ bed. It’s a big step to take and it can be difficult to know when the time’s right. That’s why we’ve pulled together our guide on when to move from cot to bed – helping you and your little one make the transition.

Child In Bed

How to know when to move from cot to bed

It can be difficult to know when to move from cot to bed, particularly as there’s no specific age to move from cot bed to single bed. The average child can make the transition from any age between 18 months and three years. Your little one is set to their own timeline, so don’t feel like you have to follow the trend. There’s no pressure. Just take each day as it comes and you’ll soon start to see the signs that they’re ready to take the next step.

Signs that your little one is ready to transition from cot to bed

All parents will have their reasons for making the switch. But we do recommend you wait until they are at least two, for safety reasons. Here are a few of the signs that will tell you when to move from cot to bed:
  • They’ve grown to be too big for their cot, so that it’s no longer comfortable.
  • You have another baby on the way! You might need the cot for the new arrival. So you should move your big tot into a bed in plenty of time before your due date so they can get used to their new surroundings. Either that, or put baby in a Moses basket while you make the transition from cot to bed.
  • They’re getting fidgety and start to climb out of the cot. This can be more dangerous than anything, so moving them into a big kids’ bed will help to minimise those risks.
  • They’re going through toilet training and need easy access to the bathroom at night, to avoid wetting the bed.

To help make things a little easier, we’ve pulled together a typical timeline on when to move from cot to bed so you can be ready for the change.
When To Move From Cot To Bed

How to transition from cot to bed

Now you know when to move from cot to bed, it’s time to learn how. This is usually the hard part. But by following our simple tips and tricks, you and your little one should be on your way to snoozeville in no time.

Every child responds to their new bed in their own way. For some, the transition is a lot easier, and the sleepless nights are minimal, but for others it might be a little more difficult. Here are our moving from cot to bed tips take to make the change as easy as possible:
  • The best thing to do is plan ahead and decide when you’re going to make the transition, so you can start prepping them and talking to them about their new “big bed” – this should help get them excited and a little more used to the idea.
  • Put their new bed in the same spot as their cot. Moving them to a different bed and a different location could add more unnecessary stress. So at least try to keep them in a place where their surroundings are familiar.
  • Fill their new bed with plenty of soft toys and familiar items – whether that’s a blanket with your smell on it or their favourite bedding. This should help them feel much more comfortable in the new space.
  • The transition can be gradual. You don’t have to jump straight in at the deep end. Start by setting up their new bed in their room while they’re still using their cot. By the time it comes to moving, they’ll be more familiar and used to the bed.
  • You can also start with using the bed for day-time naps and keeping them in the cot at night – again, this will help get them settled into that new environment.
  • Have some quiet, relaxed time before bed. Make clearing up their room and preparing it for bed as part of their new routine. This will help set the mood and get them ready for some shut-eye.
  • Use a reward chart to mark every night they spend in their new bed – they get a star for each night they sleep in there for the whole night. When they reach a certain number, they get a cookie! (We’re not encouraging bribery, of course, but this trick can work for some.)
  • If they’re old enough, let them choose their own bedding! This is another way to help get them excited about the prospect of moving into their new bed. You can even let them help choose the bed or get it set up – that play tool kit will really come in handy! They’ll feel really involved and part of the process.
  • Make sure they have comfortable bedding that will help settle them down at night. Steer away from synthetics that are riddled with allergens and can cause them to overheat. Instead, stick to more natural options like wool bedding. With its natural ability to regulate temperature and hypoallergenic qualities, your little one will find it much easier to drift off at night.
  • Continue to tell them how proud you are. A little bit of praise goes a long way!

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