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How To Help Baby Sleep In Heat

In the summer, we know how difficult it can be trying to stay cool and comfortable whilst getting a good night’s sleep. Even a slight increase in body temperature can disrupt our sleep. Imagine what it’s like for your little one! When your baby is still developing, they’re not yet able to regulate their own temperature, which could be why they are struggling to sleep through the warmer months.

That’s where we can help. Find out how to help baby sleep in heat as well as some advice on the ideal sleeping temperature for your baby.

How do I tell if my baby is too hot at night?

It can be difficult knowing if your baby is too hot during the night. If you’re not sure what to look out for, here are some signs of them being too hot to sleep:
  • Is their temperature over 37.5°C or higher?
  • Are they sweating?
  • Do they look flushed, particularly on their face?
  • Are they displaying signs of irritable or grumpy behaviour?
Concerned about your little one’s temperature at night? Wondering what they should sleep in, when their body temperature isn’t quite right? Read our handy guide on what baby should wear to bed, depending on the current temperature.

How do I keep my baby cool in summer?

Here are our recommended steps to take to prevent baby from getting too hot as they sleep. If you’re concerned that your little one may be ill, contact your GP for further advice.

Remove extra layers

It’s important to remove any extra layers that you’ve dressed baby in when they’re sleeping because they aren’t able to regulate their own temperature. Essentially, you’re doing the regulating for them! So, if they are a little hot, take off any hats or hoods, even if this causes baby to wake up. Babies tend to lose a lot of heat via their head – removing hats and hoods will help keep them cool and help them drift back to sleep.

Is the room temperature too hot?

The ideal room temperature for a baby to sleep comfortably in is between 16-20°C, so when summer rolls around it can be difficult to keep the nursery as cool as possible. However, cooling a baby’s room is easier than you may think.

Always ensure that your baby’s cot or crib isn’t in direct sunlight and is away from any heat sources, even on breezier days. This could be a contributing factor in why baby is overheating whilst sleeping. Use a fan to cool baby’s room down to a more comfortable temperature well before putting baby to sleep. And make sure to turn the fan off when you put them down, as the noise could keep them awake.

If it’s really stuffy indoors, hang wet towels in safe places around the room, over chairs and near windows. When the water evaporates, it will cool down the air which will help prevent the room getting hotter.

Use blinds to keep heat out of the room

One of the best ways to keep a bedroom cool for baby is to put cooling blinds up on your windows. There’s a whole range of blinds, curtains or even window awnings that can keep your rooms at the ideal sleeping temperature.

Not only can you adjust the tilt of your blinds to find the perfect amount of light peering through for the optimum level of sleep, but blinds, curtains and awnings work wonders at keeping the heat out. So, you can sleep easy knowing that baby is at the right temperature for the healthiest night’s sleep possible.

How do I prevent my baby from overheating at night?

Did you know wool is proven to be more effective than cotton, feather or down, when it comes to helping baby sleep in heat? That’s because natural materials are more breathable. Wool is both soft and temperature regulating, which means it helps your baby to not get flushed or too cold. Plus, it’s soft against their skin, giving them an altogether more comfortable night’s sleep.

For babies younger than 12 months, we’d strongly recommend using a baby sleeping bag. Made from 100% wool, the material is proven to maintain the optimum temperature for your baby.

What should baby wear to bed in summer?

Wondering how to dress baby in summer at night? Opt for natural, light baby summer pyjamas, such as a sleep suit or vest. Merino wool is ideal for keeping baby cool in summer because its fibres are thin, soft and flat – very comfortable for your baby.

Getting a newborn to sleep can be tricky as it is, but in the heat, it can be even more of a challenge if you don’t know some of these simple tips and tricks. Find out even more advice on how to help baby sleep in heat by downloading our eBook: Sssssh…The Secret To Better Sleep For Your Baby.