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Boost your sleep quality with a cool mattress topper

Is your mattress uncomfortable? Waking up feeling hot and flustered in the night? Choose a cool wool mattress topper. Designed to enhance your night’s sleep, this simple addition to your sleep sanctuary will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Thanks to the natural properties of wool, you’ll no longer have to worry about waking up in a sweat. The fibres in wool wick away any excess moisture into the air, leaving you feeling comfortable and dry all night long. Add a temperature control mattress topper to your bed and experience the sleep enhancing benefits of wool.

Anti-allergy and temperature regulating cool mattress toppers

Using wool in bedding has many different benefits. Not only does it make the best mattress topper for keeping cool, but it also prevents allergens from disturbing your sleep. Say goodbye to night-time sniffles and sneezes. Naturally hypoallergenic, your cool mattress topper will protect you from allergy triggers. The drying quality of wool makes a hostile environment for dust mites, mould spores and allergens, leaving you to rest without disruption.

Discover Deluxe and Luxury cool wool mattress toppers

Choose the perfect temperature control mattress topper for you. Packed with 100% British wool and surrounded by crisp organic cotton, upgrade your sleep system with a Deluxe cool mattress topper. Fancy something a little more luxurious? Our Luxury topper is filled with a 50/50 combination of organic alpaca fibres and wool, making it our most organic range to date. Find your ideal cool mattress topper today.

Found what you’re looking for? Order your cool wool mattress topper online for an undisturbed and comfortable slumber.