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What are the Best Pillows to Buy for Your Sleep?

Wondering how to find the right pillow for you? From your sleeping position to deciding between natural or synthetic fillings, choosing a pillow deserves careful consideration. After all, you’ll be sleeping on it for eight hours each night! Find out everything you need to know to choose the best pillow for you.

What pillow is best for me?

We all have a pillow preference. Some people sleep with one, some people sleep with three, and some sleep with none at all. When it comes to choosing the best pillows for sleeping, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your sleeping position. Matching your pillow to your sleeping posture will help you get the right level of support.

Sleeping Position
  • Front: If you’re looking for the best pillow for front sleepers, a soft pillow is often the best choice. This allows a natural, comfortable sleep but ensures your spine remains in its natural alignment.
  • Back: Medium firmness is the best pillow for back sleepers – this will allow gentle support and a natural sleep.
  • Side: The best pillow for side sleepers is firm – this ensures your spine is aligned correctly and you have the full support you need.
  • Upright: If you sleep upright, extra-firm pillows are recommended for further neck support. You could also consider a v-shaped pillow to provide effective lower-back support.
Not sure what firmness of pillow you need? Look for adjustable pillows that you can tailor to the specific level of support you need. Adjusting the tension in your pillow is especially easy to do with our Chatsworth wool-filled pillows. Simply remove some of the wool filling or, if you need that extra level of support, you can always buy extra filling for your pillow too. V-shaped pillows

V-shaped pillows are also a popular way to sleep – use as a support for upright sleeping, or even for just relaxing in bed with a good book. V-shaped pillows are commonly used for reducing aches and pains by increasing flexibility and support, making them a great choice for lower-back supports, or for pregnancy to support your bump.

How to choose pillows

Now you have your sleeping position sorted, it’s time to talk about filling. Choosing between a synthetic and natural pillow? Knowing the pros and cons of natural pillows and synthetic pillows can make your decision that little bit easier.

Synthetic Pillows
Synthetic material for pillows will most likely be referring to hollow fibre polyester, or memory foam. Although these pillows are a popular choice for a lower budget, they don’t have the same temperature-regulating properties that natural pillows can offer, and are not hypoallergenic in the same way that a wool pillow is. If you’re a hot sleeper, suffer with night sweats or have night-time allergies, a synthetic pillow may not be the best choice for a great night’s sleep.

Natural Pillows
Wool and feather and down are the most common choices for natural pillows – yet there are a few key differences between them. Although both provide a natural environment to sleep with, wool pillows are far more effective at regulating heat and absorbing moisture than feather and down, leaving you less likely to suffer from night sweats. For this reason, feather and down pillows are also more likely to contain fungal spores from dust mites, as they can become hot and moist, providing the environment these allergens need to thrive. But with wool, this isn’t the case – meaning you can sleep mite-free for every slumber.
Wool Pillows

A breathable, natural material designed with a better sleep in mind. With temperature regulating properties helping to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, wool-filled pillows are made from 100% British wool – and they can also help you to reach your optimum temperature for sleeping, according to research conducted by the University of Leeds.

Our selection of Classic, Chatsworth and Organic Washable pillows are perfect for tailoring to everyone’s specific sleep needs:
  • Classic Wool Pillow: 100% British wool, this high quality wool-filled pillow is perfect for just the right amount of support.
  • Chatsworth Wool Pillow: Filled with wool balls which allow you to adjust the firmness. This adjustable pillow is also machine washable and made from 100% British wool.
  • Organic Washable Pillow: For sumptuously comfortable pillows that are not only soft but equally supportive, try our Organic Washable pillows for a sleep worth dreaming about. Our Organic Washable pillows are adjustable and machine washable, tailoring to a variety of preferences for a luxurious slumber.

What is the best pillow for allergies?

Nobody likes irritating allergies coming to the surface late at night. But what are the best pillows to buy to alleviate your symptoms? Our range of wool pillows are not only 100% British wool, but are hypoallergenic too, having been stamped with the seal of approval from Allergy UK.

With our hypoallergenic pillows, the natural wool filling is effective at repelling dust mites and fungal spores, leaving you with an allergy eased sleep, night after night. You can learn more about choosing the best bedding for allergies in our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

What is the best pillow for night sweats?

Did you know wool is a natural material that regulates your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter? That’s why wool bedding and pillows are great at helping to ease night sweats.

With a cool wool pillow, you can expect a breathable material that not only reduces overheating, but draws excess moisture away from your face and neck. Learn more about the best bedding for night sweats in our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

What is a standard pillow size?

With your pillow firmness and material sorted, there’s just one last question to answer to choose the right pillow for you. What size and shape of pillow do you need? A standard pillow size for the UK is usually between W48 x L74. As well as standard size pillows, you may want to look for king size pillows – these pillows are usually W48 x L90, and provide a more luxurious option for larger beds.

Whether you’re choosing a pillow for a cot, a king size bed or looking for size advice on buying pillows – find everything you need to know about pillow shapes, sizes and more in our bedding size guide.

With help from our pillow guide, find the perfect pillows to suit your sleep style. Ready to pick your perfect pillow? Shop our full range of wool pillows online today.