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Is Organic Baby Bedding Best For Your Little One?

As a parent there is no better feeling than tucking your baby up in a cozy bed knowing they’re safe and warm. After the stresses of the day, staring down at that contented little face makes all your troubles melt away.

They say you love your children just that little bit more when they’re asleep. We couldn’t possibly comment, but we do know that we love to see our little ones snuggled up in healthy organic baby bedding helping them to snooze blissfully all night long.

But is organic baby bedding the best thing to put your baby down to sleep in? Let’s take a look at whether it’s worth the investment.

Organic baby bedding – can it keep baby at the right temperature?

Infants, unlike most adults, struggle to regulate their own temperature. That is, they heat up and cool down quickly and so often feel too hot or too cold in their surroundings. This is thanks to the large surface area of their skin when compared to the size of their body. At night this can become more of a problem when you’re not able to monitor them closely and add or remove layers.

Unfortunately, synthetic bedding only exacerbates this issue, often preventing your baby's skin from breathing naturally, leaving them feeling uncomfortably clammy and sticky.

How can organic baby blankets and crib sheets help?

Thanks to wool's natural heat-regulating properties, organic baby products made from this amazing fiber can actually help to manage your baby's personal micro-climate in bed. Organic wool produces the best baby crib sheets and blankets - those that keep your baby cozy and warm but also ensure he or she doesn’t overheat. All of which adds up to peace of mind while you sleep.

Does organic wool bedding provide a healthy sleep environment for baby?

All you want is to keep your baby safe. And choosing the best all-natural baby products helps to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help them get a healthy night’s sleep. Here’s how organic wool bedding could help your little one sleep easy:

It reduces allergens

Babies have narrow nasal passages. This means that any hint of a stuffy nose will mean they have trouble breathing properly when they’re laying down which could interrupt their sleep. One of the most common nose-blocking allergens you’ll find in your baby’s room, and more specifically in their crib mattress, is dust mites.

Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and fungus, meaning that choosing 100% wool organic baby products can go a long way to reducing nighttime interruptions. In fact, scientific tests have shown that the best baby mattress pad to create a snuffle-free sleep environment, is one made from organic wool. Perfect for babies who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Less trace of toxins

We’ve previously explored the dangers of toxins found in mattresses and other bedding, and in particular their effect on growing brains and bodies, so what better way to look after your little ones than providing them with a toxin-free sleep environment? After all, they’ll be spending at least half their time snuggled up in that crib.

Look for the best all-natural baby products you can find as not only will they not contain synthetic fibers, organic baby blankets, mattress pads and comforters are less likely to have been sprayed with chemicals during the course of production. Wool, for example, is naturally flame retardant as well as mold resistant, meaning no treatment is necessary to meet requirements.

Can organic bedding actually improve baby’s sleep?

Research has shown that babies settle quicker with organic baby bedding made from wool, as well as crying less during the night, feeding better and gaining weight faster. It also helps give them 25% more stage 4 sleep – the kind of deep slumber that recharges baby’s energy for the day ahead. And as everyone knows, a well-rested baby is a happy baby. And a happy baby makes for a happy mama.

Buy organic wool baby bedding

With 100% natural British wool inside and pure cotton on the outside, our organic baby products and wool bedding for babies will provide the perfect natural sleep environment for your baby.

Please note, our organic baby bedding sets are suitable for babies from the age of 12 months. Infants under this age should not be given a comforter and pillow. For the healthiest and best bedding for newborns during that first year, have a look at our baby sleeping bags.

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20 Nov 2019
"Is Organic Baby Bedding Best For Your Little One?"
Nice post! We must be very careful with the baby their skin is very soft and clean, we have to keep them away from the hard bed. In this way, an Organic baby bedding would be a great option for small babies.

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