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The Organic Latex Pillow Collection

The Organic Latex Pillow Collection offers a unique sleeping experience. Handmade from natural latex derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree, these pillows provide consistent comfort night after night. We combine the Talalay Latex molded core with quilted wool and an organic cover for peak comfort. Latex foam pillows provide better spinal alignment and maximum pressure relief to help you sleep peacefully through the night. Their natural elasticity and resilience help them mold to the shape of your head and then bounce back to their natural shape while retaining height.

Benefits of Organic Latex Pillows

When you choose one of our natural latex pillows, you're choosing better sleep. Here are some ways we guarantee a peaceful night's rest.

Cooling Technology

The open-cell structure of natural latex foam pillows provides optimal ventilation. Easy airflow through the natural latex core allows your pillow to stay cool all night. Latex also has a natural temperature effect that keeps it a consistent temperature throughout the night.


Talalay Latex pillows deliver greater comfort and support and offer a more consistent feel than standard latex pillows. The natural latex is combined with a washable organic wool cover, then placed in a cotton calico bag. This mix of latex, wool, and cotton will make you feel like you’re sleeping on air. Natural Talalay Latex also makes it easier to switch positions at night without sleep disruption.


Talalay Global has been granted FSC certification to extract latex from rubber trees safely and responsibly. They also meet Rainforest Alliance certification requirements, which shows they understand and respect rainforest biodiversity and sustainability. Buying our natural latex pillows means you're supporting a product that positively affects forests' economic and environmental conditions. Latex foam pillows are also durable enough that you won't have to replace them often, reducing landfill waste.

Natural vs. Synthetic Latex

Although many brands use a mix of synthetic and natural latex, our pillows contain only 100% natural rubber latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Because we don’t use synthetic latex, our pillows are certified free of toxic chemicals. Without the use of synthetic latex, our pillows offer a more consistent feel than other latex pillows. Natural latex is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which makes it perfect for allergy sufferers.