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Why choose a king size wool comforter?

Tired of waking up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink? Improve your sleep by introducing a king size wool comforter to your sleep sanctuary. Scientists have proved that sleeping with wool increases your stage 4 regenerative sleep by up to 25%, meaning your body has more time to heal and restore itself.

Fed up of allergies and night sweats keeping you awake? Let the natural qualities of a king size comforter made from wool keep them at bay. Wool is known to be a natural guard against triggers of allergies, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Wool comforter king sized – for all year round

Eliminate the need for different comforters in different seasons. Thanks to wool’s natural fibers, your king size wool comforter is ideal for the whole year. Wool has self-regulating temperature qualities, so you can be toasty and snug in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer. If you suffer from night sweats, a king size wool comforter is ideal.

Naturally cool bedding with a king comforter

For a natural remedy to combat night sweats, look no further. Having a king comforter made from wool will allow you to sleep uninterrupted every night. Wool is naturally absorbent, meaning when you have night sweats, you won’t wake up uncomfortable and drenched in sweat. The fibers will soak up and desorb any moisture in the night, enhancing the quality of your sleep. This feature of wool also prevents dust mites and fungal spores from your bedding, so night-time allergy sufferers will be able to sleep easy too.

Classic, Deluxe and Luxury ranges – king size comforters

In our collection of king size comforters, we have Classic, Deluxe and Luxury ranges available. To start off your wool sleep system, try our classic king size wool comforter, made with 100% natural wool and an organic cotton outer. For something a little more lavish, opt for our organic Deluxe or Luxury king size comforters. Approved by Allergy UK, our Deluxe and Luxury king size wool comforters offer a little more luxury. Made with both sheep and alpaca wool, you can snooze away in superior softness.

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