An unexpected Instagram post

Woolroom was recently tagged in a couple of brilliant, but unexpected Instagram posts from best-selling author and ultimate wool advocate, Clara Parkes.
(Psst.. If you're a wooly, like us, you should definitley give her a follow)

The response to these posts was so brilliant, that we completely sold out of our stocks of US sized wool pillows overnight(!). Anyway, we thought we'd share them with you.

Post 1


A few weeks ago someone asked my opinion of wool mattress toppers (LOVE THEM), which led her to buy one from @thewoolroom, which led me to check out their website and discover a) they were having a sale, and b) they had WOOL PILLOWS. YES, WOOL PILLOWS. Naturally, I took one for the team and ordered a pillow to try. It has arrived, and I cannot wait to go to bed. The pillow itself has a plush, quilted organic cotton case that’s much thicker than a “normal” pillow. Unzip it and you discover...well hello there! It’s the wool! Just sitting there. The wool in my pillow came from several British Down breeds, which got me really excited because nobody does poof and compression resistance quite like the Downs. The wool’s texture almost looks like they made pencil roving out of scoured, carded wool, then pulled the roving apart and washed it again. It’s been turned into a fine, nuggetized form you can much more easily manipulate, like, well, pillow stuffing. The care instructions are hilariously simple. Should your pillow become lumpy or listless, simply unzip the case, reach in, and pull the fibers apart until they’re all poofy again. I love the idea of forcing people to touch wool like this. Best of all, no birds were harmed, and there’s no creepy flammability or off-gassing to worry about. In fact, the wool in this pillow actually filters air while I’m sleeping. And it’ll also regulate my body temperature while absorbing up to 30 percent of its weight in drool without ever feeling damp or clammy. It’s a miracle pillow. They also have wool comforters, but I am not made of gold so those will have to wait. As for now, my head is very much looking forward to hitting this pillow. #verymuchNOTsponsoredpostsofknitlandia

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Post 2


Pillow: A Love Story, Part Two When we last left off, I was chomping at the bit to give my new wool pillow a test snooze. I promised to report back on how it felt to drift off into dreamland with one’s head cradled in Suffolk, Southdown, Hampshire, Oxford, and Texel wool fibers. Well, I slept so soundly that Clare finally had to call in emergency crews to wave smelling salts under my nose and yell, “Polyester!” While I slumbered, you fine humans of Instagramlandia bought out @thewoolroom’s entire US pillow inventory. Their rather astonished Managing Director sent me a very kind email. It never ceases to delight me when we do something like this - when we surprise an unsuspecting audience that may not have viewed the knitting community as a target demographic for their product. The truth is this: If you’ve got wool and you’re doing good things with it, you’d better stock up, because we’re coming for you. And there are a lot of us.

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Clara purchased one of our fully adjustable wool pillows >>

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