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How To Give The Gift Of Naturally Better Sleep This Christmas

Is there someone in your life who always says they need to sleep better? This Christmas why not give them the gift of sleep with one of these brilliant sleep-inducing presents.

Sleepy teas

Encourage your friend or family member to sleep better with a relaxing hot drink before bed. Buy them a range of decaffeinated teas that include herbs like Chamomile, Lavender, Valerian, St John’s Wort and perhaps Peppermint to aid digestion. Whether it’s the habit of sitting down with a warm drink, or the type of tea that encourages the brain to relax, herbal teas have long been thought to be one of the best natural sleep aids.

A plant to help them sleep better

When you’re thinking of things to help you sleep, the idea of surrounding yourself with plants doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. But certain species of plants have actually been proven to help. Choose Lavender or Sweet Jasmine to add sleep-inducing scents to the room. Or opt for Peace Lilies or Snake Plants to clean toxins from the air for a clearer head in the morning.

Wool pillows

Wool pillows are a luxurious choice of present that could transform the sleep of your loved one. Wool pillows can help to regulate your temperature at night by keeping the head and neck cooler when it’s hot and wicking away moisture. Choose an alpaca wool blend for even more luxury.

Wool pillows are also hypoallergenic to reduce dust mites and other microbes, helping to reduce the symptoms of allergies and give a better night’s sleep.

Sleepy scents

There are a number of different scents that can help us get better sleep for different reasons. Some help to relax our minds and get rid of anxieties, while some act to slow the nervous system, relaxing our bodies. Choose Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose or Sandalwood in candles, room sprays, diffusers and more.

An eye mask

One of the proven best ways to help you sleep is using an eye mask to block out light and send signals to your brain that it’s nighttime. An eye mask could be the perfect gift for someone who lives in a busy city and experiences light pollution from their window, or for someone who works night shifts and struggles to drift off at odd times.

A wool blanket

Help your loved one to sleep better when they cuddle up with a 100% pure British wool blanket. Naturally thermo-regulating, a wool blanket will keep them cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. Wool bedding has been scientifically proven to help you gain up to 25% more deep regenerative sleep ensuring they wake up feeling refreshed.

A meditation CD

Give the gift of sleep by helping to take your loved one’s mind off the stresses and strains of daily life. Listening to a meditation CD before bed is one of the best natural sleep aids we know of.

A white noise machine

White noise acts like a kind of anti-noise, distracting your brain from other noises that it might be tempted to focus on instead of drifting off to sleep. You may have heard of parents using white noise to help their babies to sleep, but did you know that many adults swear by this too? Help a friend or family member to get better sleep by buying them a white noise machine - especially if they live in a busy neighborhood or have noisy housemates.

Pure cotton pajamas

Why not buy pure, cotton pajamas that are kind to skin and breathable for a soft, cozy night’s sleep? Perfect for sensitive skin, pure cotton pajamas will help to stop over-heating and dampness at night - especially when combined with our luxurious wool bedding.

Help their baby to sleep better

What better way to improve a new parent’s sleep than by helping their baby to sleep better? Choose from our beautiful range of wool nursery products including baby sleeping bags, sheepskins and wool blankets, perfect for helping little ones regulate their temperature and stay snuggly all night.

Whatever you choose, this Christmas why not give the gift of sleep?

For more ideas of things to help you sleep, visit our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

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