What To Look For In A Duvet Insert

Need help choosing what duvet insert is best for you? Whether you’re a hot sleeper, suffer with night-time allergies or simply want an easy-care duvet insert, we’ve put together some top tips on how to choose a duvet insert to find the best one for you.

Looking for the best hypoallergenic duvet insert?

Struggle with night-time allergies such as asthma or eczema? To help ease these symptoms at night, look for a hypoallergenic duvet insert filled with wool. Because wool regulates temperature and manages moisture, it creates a warm, dry environment – the exact opposite of the humid environment allergens like dust mites and fungal spores need to thrive.

By choosing wool, you can help keep allergens out of your bedding – and ease those pesky allergy symptoms.

Looking for the best duvet insert for hot sleepers?

Hot sleeper? Often wake up feeling clammy and uncomfortable at night? You need a duvet insert that keeps you cool. When it comes to choosing the best duvet insert for hot sleepers, take a look at these tips:
  • Consider weight or thickness: It makes sense that a heavier, thicker duvet insert will be warmer – probably not the best choice if you’re a hot sleeper! Instead, look for very lightweight duvet inserts that are extra thin – but still provide more cover than just a sheet.
  • Consider filling material: Some duvet insert materials can make you hotter than others. Synthetic materials, for example, can heat up quickly, without providing a way for the heat to escape – leaving you feeling extra hot and uncomfortable. For a breathable duvet insert, look for wool-filled options. It’s a little-known fact that wool is nature’s miracle material, naturally keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not – that’s what makes it the best duvet insert for hot sleepers.

Looking for the best all-season duvet insert?

Feel the chill in winter, but struggle to stay cool in summer? You need an all-season duvet insert. For something that works all year round, look for an all-season option that works as a 3-in-1: a very lightweight duvet insert for summer and a thicker duvet insert for spring and autumn. These can then be attached together to create an extra thick duvet insert for the winter months. So you can adapt your bedding to suit the season – and snooze on in comfort.

Looking for an easy care duvet insert?

We all want to keep our bedding as fresh and clean as possible. But cleaning your duvet insert can sometimes feel like a real chore. What if it was easier to care for?

The great news is that with a wool-filled duvet insert, it is. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, but also naturally self-cleaning too. In other words, you really don’t need to clean your wool duvet insert at all – unless you spill something on it, of course.

And if you do – don’t worry! With deluxe wool duvet inserts from Woolroom, they’re fully machine washable – simply pop in the machine with some specialist wool detergent, then put on the line to dry. Easy!

We hope you feel more confident in knowing what to look for in a duvet insert. Ready to choose the best one for you? Browse our range of premium wool duvet inserts from Woolroom, and buy online today.

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