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Non-toxic pillow inserts with no VOCs

We’re constantly surrounded by unclean air and pollutants that we can’t escape. The last thing you want to do is be surrounded by them at home too. With all our bedding products including our non-toxic pillows, we’ve worked to make sure they are chemical free. No nasty chemicals. No sythetics. And nothing that could trigger your allergies.

We’ve produced non-toxic pillow inserts by using natural, wool fibers. We’re exposed to unnaturally occurring VOCs (volatile organic compounds) regularly, even at home. So we chose to fill our chemical-free pillows with wool because of its ability to purify the air around it. It’s a little known fact that wool is capable of absorbing and desorbing these kinds of compounds naturally. So when you choose non-toxic pillow stuffing and other wool bedding it will remove the airborne nasties in your environment and help you get a healthier night’s sleep.

Chemical-free pillows that regulate your body temperature

Wool’s ability to purify the air around it also means that it helps keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. But how? It’s not simply an insulator. The filling in our non-toxic pillows is also a natural thermo-regulator. That means it adapts to your body temperature while you sleep, keeping you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re not. When you’re a little chilly, the wool fibers in your natural pillow filling will trap air to insulate you effectively. And when the temperature rises? The wool becomes your very own natural dehumidifier, cleaning the air and cooling you down.

Healthy pillows, healthy sleep

We believe that our range of chemical-free pillows will help you create a healthier sleep environment for yourself. As wool dissipates moisture, moving it away from the body it will not only keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night but will keep your sleep environment cleaner and fresher. What’s not to like?

Shop non-toxic pillows now and improve your sleep hygiene.