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Feminine and Flattering - The Most Comfortable Women's Nightwear

What you wear to bed is as important as the environment you're going to doze off in. Whether you sleep in pajamas, a nightshirt or a cami and lounge pants, it's all about feeling as comfortable as possible as you relax and close your eyes. Material can play a big part in that, which is why we select only the finest natural fiber grown by Merino sheep.

*Did you know, according to medical research papers, merino wool pyjamas can help you get up to 15 minutes extra snooze time compared to cotton pyjamas?’ *Nature and Science of Sleep, 2016

Made from the finest 'two-fold' 17.5-micron yarn (consider that a single human hair is 60 microns), this wool is as smooth as silk on your skin and has been scientifically proven to improve eczema conditions. Modern twists, flattering forms and soothing natural tones give our merino sleepwear collection a sumptuously chic look you’ll love to lounge around the home in. ¬

From bed to brunch, you'll always feel cozy in our sleep camis, pajama tops, nightdresses, pajama bottoms and sleep tees.

From Sheep to Sleep - Traceable and Sustainable Women's Sleepwear

Our merino wool nightwear for women isn't just better for sleep - it's better for the planet. All the wool used in this collection comes from the sheep that roam and graze in the breath-taking Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Just a single sheep can grow four to seven pounds of wool every year - with nothing but a diet of grass and sunshine. And because the collection is certified by ZQ Merino, we can trace the wool back to the very sheep it came from.

The merino wool is carded, spun and woven in an Italian mill - the only mill in the world to have an EMAS certification for environmental practices too.

Temperature Regulating Merino Wool Nightwear

Just like our bedding, our merino wool sleepwear helps to regulate your temperature as you sleep. It’s totally breathable. The fibers wick away moisture from your body when it's hot - to help keep you dry. The natural crimps also cleverly trap warm air when it’s cold - keeping you super snug on those chilly winter nights.

How to Wash Merino Wool

Each of the pieces in the Woolroom Sleepwear collection is designed to be worn and enjoyed, time and time again. (Once you feel how silky soft they are, you’ll want to wear them 24/7!) All that’s needed is a simple delicate/gentle wash - no special treatment needed. And you don’t have to worry about them shrinking or fading either. The patented finishing and knitting process used at our mill ensures our merino wool sleepwear always retains that luxurious comfortable and supremely flattering feel.

Is Merino Wool Itchy?

This is a classic myth. Our merino wool sleepwear for women is certified ULTRAFINE by The Woolmark Company. Tested against the strictest quality standards, it’s rated at 99.5% for wool comfort on the skin. It’s officially skin and eczema friendly, so it’s the perfect choice if you are affected by skin sensitivity.

Is Merino Wool Biodegradable?

Yes. These products are made from durable merino wool that’s designed to provide years of use. However, when they do reach the end of their life, the merino wool will simply biodegrade in the ground in about 6-18 months – releasing carbon and nutrients back into the soil.