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Luxurious Comfort for Your Bed

Our luxury range of comforters comes with an organic wool duvet insert. But why wool? Unlike synthetics or organic down duvet inserts, wool offers unmatched comfort and temperature regulation. Wool is one of the softest materials for comforters, providing a cozy and inviting sleep experience. It also regulates your body's temperature because of its moisture-wicking capabilities. Wool acts as a natural dehumidifier to keep you cool during warm weather and warm when it’s cold out.

Our organic duvet inserts enhance the comfort of any regular comforter so you get the highest quality sleep. They’re made with a 50/50 blend of organic sheep wool and alpaca fibers, completely free from synthetic materials. This combination makes them effective at reducing humidity levels and creating a healthier sleep environment for you and your family. Plus, the organic cotton duvet insert cover adds superior softness to make bedtime more inviting than ever.

Why Choose Organic Materials?

By choosing our organic duvet inserts, you’re making an eco-conscious decision. They’re crafted from natural wool, a renewable and biodegradable material that makes them an eco-friendly alternative to many synthetic options. We source our wool from ethically raised sheep and ensure the welfare of these animals. With every night of peaceful sleep, you contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of synthetic alternatives. Sleep soundly, knowing your bedding supports a healthier planet.

Not only does switching to an organic duvet insert help the environment, but it also promotes healthier sleep for you. Organic materials are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetics that can irritate your skin and disrupt sleep. By choosing organic, you surround yourself with natural and pure materials that are gentle and safe. Rest easy knowing your duvet insert is free from harmful toxins and contributes to a more sustainable and wholesome lifestyle.

Sleep Worry-Free With the Best Organic Duvet Insert for Allergy Relief

Are you struggling to get a good night’s rest because of allergies? Our wool duvet inserts keep common allergens to a minimum. Dust mites, mold, and fungus spores thrive in damp, warm environments. But wool is a natural air purifier, reducing moisture and desorbing it into the air. When you use wool bedding, you can enjoy a cleaner and hypoallergenic sleep environment, free from allergens that can wreak havoc on your skin and respiratory system. With our organic duvet inserts, you can sleep worry-free, knowing your bedding promotes healthier sleep.

Natural Comfort With Organic Duvet Inserts — Perfect for Every Bed

Our wool duvet inserts offer natural comfort and luxury no matter your bed size! From twin-size to king-size, we have the perfect insert to elevate your bedding experience and ensure restful sleep.

Organic Wool Duvet Inserts for Twin-Size Beds

Though they’re on the smaller size, twin-size beds deserve high-quality comfort. Our twin organic duvet inserts help you get the rest you deserve. With soft wool filling and an organic cotton cover, you’ll drift peacefully off to sleep night after night, wrapped in gentle softness and warmth.

Organic Wool Duvet Inserts for Full-Size Beds

Transform your full-size bed into a comfort haven with our full-size organic duvet inserts. They’re thoughtfully designed to provide optimal coziness. Their natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties regulate your body temperature to provide the most comfortable sleep environment.

Organic Wool Duvet Inserts for King-Size Beds

For those who invest in the luxury of a king-size bed, our king organic duvet inserts are the ultimate upgrade for your bed. Designed to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, these inserts provide the utmost comfort and support. They’re crafted with care and offer the perfect balance of softness and structure, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep every night. By choosing our king organic duvet inserts, not only are you prioritizing your own comfort, but you’re also contributing to a cleaner future for the environment.

Upgrade to an Organic Duvet Insert for Premium Comfort and Healthier Sleep

Experience the job of happier, healthier sleep with our wool duvet inserts! Thanks to their superior comfort, temperature regulation, and hypoallergenic properties, you’ll wake up refreshed every morning. These inserts provide the ideal sleep environment, allowing you to drift off into a deep and peaceful slumber. They’re also sustainable, making them a healthier choice for both you and the environment. By investing in an organic duvet insert, you’re taking a step toward better health and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

The Woolroom Difference

At Woolroom, we’re passionate about helping you get a great night’s sleep. We’re dedicated to bringing you bedding that really makes a difference to your sleep environment and your health. That’s why we choose wool. Compared to other common bedding materials, wool is proven to help you get 25% more regenerative sleep. Shop our organic duvet inserts and find the perfect size for your bed!

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