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Organic Duvet Inserts

Looking for an organic duvet insert? Build your sleep sanctuary with an organic, down alternative duvet insert that helps you get a better night’s sleep. All our comforters are filled with wool but our most organic duvet inserts go that extra mile. With 0% synthetics and a 50/50 blend of organic sheepswool and alpaca fibers, plus a 300 thread count organic cotton outer, our organic duvet inserts will help you build a healthier, happier sleep environment. Shop organic duvet inserts below.

Organic wool duvet inserts

Our luxury range of comforters all have an organic wool duvet insert. But why wool? When compared with other duvet insert fillings such as down or synthetics, wool trumps them all as it keeps you at just the right temeperature all night.

Wool’s ability to regulate your body temperature stems from its capability to wick moisture away from the body and act as a natural dehumidifier. That means our organic duvet inserts are actively working through the night to keep you cool if you’re too hot, and insulate you when you’re too cold. That’s clever stuff. This ability is enhanced with our organic duvet insert range because it’s a 50/50 blend of British wool and alapca fibers, effectively reducing humidity levels and creating a healthier sleep environment for you and your family. Plus, its superior softness makes bedtime more inviting than ever.

Our organic duvet inserts also have the ability to clean the air in your sleep environment. Wool effectively absorbs VOCs and locks them away, out of harm’s reach. So you’re less exposed to unatural compounds as the wool does its job.

The best organic duvet insert for allergy symptoms

Searching for a hypoallergenic duvet insert that keeps allergy symptoms to a minimum? The great thing about our organic duvet inserts is that the wool inside works to keep common allergens to a minimum. Wool is a natural air purifier, reducing moisture and desorbing it into the air, making it a cleaner, hypoallergenic environment that’s not favoured by dust mites, mold or fungus spores. These allergens tend to thrive in damp, warm environments so bedding is a prime target. But our organic duvet inserts are clean, dry and cooling, leaving them free from dust mites (and their waste) which could be playing havoc with your allergies.

Wool duvet inserts with a difference…

…the Woolroom difference! We’re passionate about helping you get a great night’s sleep. We’re dedicated to bringing you the bedding product that really makes a difference to your sleep environment and your health. That’s why we choose wool. Proven to help you get 25% more regenerative sleep when compared with other common bedding types, our organic duvet inserts come in twin, full and king sizes.

Shop organic wool duvet inserts and get a healthier, happier night’s sleep.