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Sustainable mattresses for a cleaner environment

Our sustainable bedding boasts all the natural benefits of wool, while also keeping the environment safe from landfill waste, air pollution and chemical contamination. How? Because our eco-friendly bedding is completely biodegradable, as well as renewable.

What does sustainable mean for your sleep?

If you’re looking for sustainable comforters, pillows, toppers or mattresses, our environmentally-friendly bedding is the perfect choice - thanks to its natural eco-credentials. After all, bedding is an investment, so you want it to last a long time without having to replace it.

Not only do we use naturally replenished materials and no water-polluting chemicals during the production of our bedding, but many years down the line - when your wool bedding reaches the end of its long, happy life - you can simply compost it.

On the other hand, fibers such as polyester, nylon and foam are manmade and mostly derived from petrochemicals. In comparison, they take over 150 years to naturally decompose. And even then they won’t have completely disappeared.

With quality sustainable bedding, you’re guaranteed clean sleep that’s free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, leaving you feeling ready and refreshed to tackle any day.

Sustainable comforters, pillows and toppers

Our sustainable bedding sets are the solution to happier, healthier sleep for you, and a happier, healthier environment for all of us. Available in a variety of sizes, weights and thread counts, we make the switch to eco-friendly bedding simple.

In fact, we’re so confident that our wool bedding will result in a better night’s sleep, we offer sleep trials and guarantees with every bedding set and bedding item purchase. And if you don’t see a noticeable improvement after that time, you’ll receive a full refund. So whether you’re looking for a sustainable pillow, mattress topper or comforter, we’ve got you covered.

Do right by the environment with sustainable bedding

Our drive to work with environmentally-friendly materials is always at the forefront of our minds, which is why we package all of our bedding in reusable calico bag. But the benefits of the Woolroom sleep solution don’t stop there. As standard, wool is a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable fiber that offers 25% more regenerative sleep.

But what does biodegradable mean for the planet?

A material can only be truly biodegradable if it has the right chemical structure to allow it to break down easily. Wool has an amazing ability to naturally biodegrade over time, decomposing into soil in just a matter of months. This in turn releases nutrients back into the earth.

Eco-friendly bedding

Our eco-friendly bedding covers all of our different ranges – from classic to luxury. Because while you want your bedding to be luxuriously comfortable and look good in the bedroom, it’s about time it did some good for the planet, too.

At Woolroom, we make it easy to choose environmentally-friendly bedding that incorporates natural materials and fibers. Browse our complete range of sustainable wool bedding and build your perfect sleep sanctuary today.