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How do temperature control mattress pads work?

When we drift off to sleep, our body’s circadian rhythm has already begun to take over, which is a completely natural process. But when you’re asleep, your body temperature changes through the night. You might notice waking up warmer, especially if you’re prone to night sweats or have medical condition that increases your body temperature.

This can play havoc with your quality of sleep.

That’s where a hot and cold mattress pad comes in. How can a mattress pad be simultaneously hot and cold? The natural fibers of wool are designed to wick away the moisture you produce as you sleep while simultaneously cocooning you in a breathable, insulating layer. That means if your body temperature rises, wool can breathe to absorb and desorb moisture into the air, so that you maintain a cool and comfortable sleeping temperature. And if your body become cooler, wool still works to keep you warm.

What makes wool the best temperature regulating mattress pad?

Wool fibers can actually absorb up to 30% of their weight. And it won’t feel heavy or damp. Bedding made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon aren’t as breathable. So, if you’re waking up feeling clammy, that’s why. It might be time to see if a temperature balancing mattress pad improves your sleep.

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the wool bedding. A study carried out by the University of Leeds in the UK tested the moisture management of wool against synthetic bedding. It proved that wool makes the best temperature regulating mattress pad because it can keep you at the right temperature more effectively than synthetic materials. In fact, as part of that study, wool absorbed 43% more moisture than polyester.

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