Washable Wool Bedding

Natural British wool bedding that's genuinely machine washable. Save time and money laundering your washable wool comforters at home with Woolroom.
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Machine Washable Wool Bedding

Can you machine wash wool? With Woolroom you can. Enjoy the blissful comfort of machine washable wool bedding, safe in the knowledge that it’s easy-care too. Look no further than machine washable bedding, part of the Deluxe range from Woolroom.

What is machine washable bedding?

Others may offer machine washable bedding, but Woolroom is the only place you can get 100% machine washable wool, straight from the UK. Wool has natural properties which makes it easy to care for. While there is no way to make wool machine washable without using some sort of treatment, our products are delicately treated to add an extra level of protection. In fact, we invented the natural wool treatment that allows you to safely wash your wool bedding, without damaging its natural characteristics.

What are the benefits of our machine washable bedding?

  • Wool is incredibly hygienic and stays naturally clean. You may find you don’t need to wash it as often as you might have thought. Washing your wool bedding just provides that extra degree of cleanliness when you need to deal with spills or stains.
  • Deluxe and easily washed at home – enjoy the extra comfort of your washable wool comforter, safe in the knowledge that it is machine washable, if it needs to be washed.

Advice for machine washable wool bedding

  • Always make sure you wash your wool bedding on a designated wool cycle
  • Make sure to use wool detergent – you can buy this on our website
  • Line dry your bedding – never tumble dry – this helps to keep the wool fibres in top condition.

Browse our range of machine washable bedding

Want the best machine washable wool comforter for you? Our washable wool comforters come in many different thicknesses – so you can find the perfect one to keep you comfortable. Are you looking to add an extra degree of comfort to your bedding? Check out our washable wool mattress topper range.

Woolroom offers a wide variety of different machine washable wool bedding products, helping you get a good night’s sleep. Browse our full range of machine washable bedding today.
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