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Machine Washable Wool Bedding: The Science

We spent 10 years perfecting our machine washable bedding to ensure it doesn’t lose any Woolroom quality after each wash.

Normally when you wash wool, the moisture, heat, and movement in the machine cause it to felt because of the structure of the natural fibers. The end result is a blanket that loses its natural wool qualities. Wool fabric can’t be machine-washed without being treated in some way, which is why we’ve chosen to use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning detergents.

Unlike other machine-washable duvets, the process we use doesn't negatively affect the wool fibers, so none of the wool’s benefits are lost. In fact, cleaning the fibers this way can actually enhance their ability to thermoregulate and absorb moisture.

In addition to washable wool comforters in a range of sizes of weights, we offer other machine-washable wool items, including:

  • Pillows in UK and EU sizes
  • Pillow protectors
  • Mattress protectors

Simply look for “Deluxe Washable or Organic Washable” in the product name, and you can be confident your chosen product can be easily washed in the machine, following our care instructions.

Easy Care Washable Bedding That’s Hypoallergenic, Too

It's no secret that wool is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for asthma and allergy sufferers — but what about the treatments used to make wool washable? Will your washable wool comforter cause allergy or skin-related issues? To keep your skin safe and your allergies at bay, we ensure that all biodegradable chemicals used in our process are double-washed out of wool to get rid of any remaining residue on the fibers.

We can confidently say that our wool is hypoallergenic and free from all chemicals. We’ve also been recognized by Oeko-Tex with its highest standard global certification, proving our washable comforters have tested free from harmful substances. You can sleep soundly, snuggled in your washable wool blanket, knowing your skin is safe from unhealthy chemicals.

How Often Will You Need to Wash Your Washable Wool Comforter?

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and self-cleaning, so your comforter rarely needs to be washed. There are no health benefits to washing it — it’ll only need to be washed for cosmetic reasons or to clean the cotton outers. Unlike synthetic bedding or feather-down, wool fibers absorb moisture and stay dry, so they’re not a breeding ground for fungus, mold, or bacteria. It might go against what you thought you knew about bedding, but our washable comforters are truly easy to care for and much happier when draped on a line to air.

How to Wash Our Machine-Washable Bedding Sets

If you do choose to put your washable wool comforter through the machine, just make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • Choose the wool cycle on your washing machine
  • Use specific wool detergent
  • Don’t tumble dry your bedding — simply leave it to air dry naturally
  • If you choose to take your machine-washable comforter to the laundrette, be mindful that there is no symbol for “wool wash only.” We like to write it on the label to make sure. You can’t be too careful.

Now that’s easy-care washable wool bedding at its best!

Trace Your Washable Wool Bedding Right Back to the Farm

If that wasn’t enough, our machine-washable wool blankets are traceable, too. But what does this mean for you? Traceability provides a better understanding of where your sleep comes from by tracing wool back to its source. We record the movement of materials from sheep to sheep — promoting animal welfare, providing sourcing integrity, and offering complete transparency on the origins of your bedding.

Discover more about traceability.

Our washable wool comforter is part of our bedding selection. So, why not create the perfect luxury sleeping environment? Discover our premium collection of washable wool bedding today.