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Pocket sprung divan bases

Here at Woolroom, we strive to achieve the best for our customers. And for us, that’s a comfier, healthier night’s sleep – every night. Our pocket sprung divan bases provide just that. Built with 2000 springs fitted inside a pine frame, you receive an extra layer of support that lasts. So why not pair your sprung divan base with one of our wool mattresses for the ultimate sleep haven? This heavenly combination is supportive, breathable, and luxuriously comfortable. We’ve created the perfect mix of expert support and materials so that when you slip into bed, you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds – and you’ll stay that way throughout the night. Trust us. With our sprung divan bases, you’ll have your comfiest night’s sleep yet.

We’ve created the best divan bases, guaranteed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury for every night’s sleep. Our extensive range includes sprung divan bases and upholstered divan bases. Whatever your preference, we have the right support for your bed. Partnered with our wool mattresses and bedding, we assure you’ll be able to feel the difference.

True Edge divan bases

As sleep experts, we understand that your bedroom environment matters. That’s why our True Edge divan bases are designed to provide additional support, helping you to get to sleep naturally. But how? We use pocket springs that sit inside a timber frame to reinforce the mattress edges – unlike regular pocket spring bases with sprung edges that can “give” under weight. Better yet, a True Edge sprung divan base also helps to increase the life of a pocket sprung mattress, spreading out the weight evenly across the bed. Do you wake in the middle of the night with back or hip pain? Say sweet dreams to nightly aches and pains with our range of pock sprung divan bases. That’s right – once you snuggle up in one of our beds, that’s how you’ll stay: cosy and in total luxury.

We’re proud to make the best divan bases that are designed with you and your body in mind – we don’t cut corners (quite literally!). With individual pocketed springs, you can rest assured that your body will be supported and comforted to the maximum, giving you a healthier night’s sleep.

Upholstered divan base on legs

Looking for more storage? Don’t worry, we’ve all got a pile of clutter that we want hidden away. Our range of the best divan bases with drawers is the perfect solution for when space is a little tight, without compromising on quality or style. The drawers are made from solid plywood and dovetail joints, offering strength and durability, because quality construction means quality sleep.

Our low-height sprung divan bases on legs are crafted in the UK using a premium, slow grown pine. Providing you with upholstered sprung divan bases on legs that are high quality and the perfect support for your mattress – and they look good, too.

Choosing your sprung divan base bed

Available in a range of sizes, from Single to Large Emperor, our divan bases and beds will help you design a sleep space to suit you. Are you a bit picky about the design? We all have our individual tastes, which is why we’ve made sure that you can customise your divan bed too. Choose your upholstered divan base from our range of wool fabrics and pattern books, and pair it with your chosen headboard – the two are designed to fit together seamlessly, so you can take the design, fabric and colour into your own hands.

Give us a call to discuss your options and we’ll be happy to help, or view your upholstery options online at Abraham Moon. No matter what your style is, create the perfect sleeping sanctuary with our upholstered divan bases. With a range of textures and colours, you’ll be able to design your ultimate escape. Relax, unwind and snooze in the bed of your dreams.

Why choose wool for your upholstered divan base bed?

The secret to better sleep? It’s wool. Did you know that wool is naturally hypoallergenic? It works to wick away moisture from the body, resulting in a clean sleep environment where those pesky dust mites and allergens can’t thrive. So, you can get a healthier night’s sleep without the worry of a blocked nose keeping getting in the way of your sleep. That’s why our upholstered divan bases are built with organic wool padding – it brings you a more natural, healthier night’s sleep with the added bonus of being naturally flame retardant. Plus, our upholstered divan bases and range of wool bedding are super soft. So whether you have allergies or skin sensitivities, you’ll be able to relax with ease. Let Woolroom take away your nightly irritations and provide you with total luxury – let’s face it, you deserve it!

Find comfort in our pocket sprung divan bases

While our sprung divan bases offer top-level comfort and quality, they’re not all we have to offer. Check out our range of upholstered divan bases and bed frames to find more options – because you and your sleep should always come first.

We also offer an ethical removal and recycle service for beds and mattresses at a reasonable price. So that when you order one of our sprung divan bases or upholstered divan bases, we’ll take your old one away and recycle it for you.