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Super king size duvets with a difference

And the difference is wool! We fill all our duvets with wool because natural wool fibres are a little-known miracle material. With the ability to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, wick moisture away and keep dust mites away, there’s something to be said about filling our super king duvets with wool.

Super king size quilts that keep you comfortably cool

Unlike other common duvet fillings, such as polyester and down, wool is a natural thermo-regulator. So all our super king duvets have the ability to keep you cool when you’re too hot, and warm when you’re not. That means you sleep more comfortably, for longer, at the right temperature for you.

If you regularly experience night sweats or hot flashes, then you’ll know the discomfort of waking up sweating and uncomfortable with damp sheets. Because all our super king size duvets are filled with wool, they also effectively wick moisture away from the body, drawing it away and back into the atmosphere so that you can sleep more comfortably.

Hypoallergenic super king duvets

Our super king size quilts are hypoallergenic. This term often gets bandied about but what does it really mean? In the case of our wool-filled super king duvets, it means that they’re a 99.9% dust mite free environment, helping to ease common dust allergy symptoms. The clean, dry environment of a super king duvet means that other household allergens such as mold and spores find it difficult to thrive, helping to reduce common allergy symptoms and help you sleep soundly all night.

Which type of super king quilt is right for you?

Our super king size quilts are available in a number of weights to suit your environment and your sleep temperature. If you regularly experience night sweats you may want to opt for a super king summer duvet to keep you cool throughout the night. But if you want to make a sound investment from summer to winter, our all season super king duvet is the right fit for you. It combines two separate duvets - one that’s lightweight and one that’s medium weight - creating the perfect winter warmer.

Super king size duvet measurements

What size is our super king duvet? Our super king size duvets measure 260 by 220cm so make sure you’re happy with the size before you buy. That’s not to say that you can’t add a super king size quilt to king size bed, of course.

Cocoon yourself in wool

To reap the benefits of temperature regulating wool fibres, the best thing you can do is to completely cocoon yourself in it – that’s your pillow, duvet, and a mattress topper or protector. If you’d like to try the whole sleep system, we provide a 30 Night Sleep Guarantee on all our wool bedding bundles. That means if you’re not completely satisfied that you’re sleeping better within that time, we’ll give you a refund. So what are you waiting for? Shop our super king duvet selection now and get a healthier’s night’s sleep