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King size mattress toppers made from wool

If you’re looking to re-set your sleep environment and introduce the benefits of wool bedding, look no further than one of our natural mattress toppers.

Made from 100% British wool, our king size mattress toppers can help with the following:
  • Night-time allergies – wool’s hypoallergenic qualities stop dust mites from nesting in your bedding. Say goodbye to irritating allergies and hello to a good night’s sleep.
  • Temperature regulation – ever felt uncomfortably warm in bed during the summer months? Or cold when winter hits? Wool is temperature-regulating, meaning it will keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold.
  • Night sweats – thanks to its natural fibres, wool can wick moisture away during the night. If you’re prone to night sweats, our wool mattress toppers can help alleviate your symptoms.
That’s just a snapshot of how our king size mattress toppers can help improve your sleep system. Aside from that, they’ll give you an added layer of padding that provides you with comfort like never before.

If you’re wondering “what’s the best king size mattress topper for my bed?” then consider yourself instead. Our wool mattress toppers are created with you and your sleep health in mind.

Indulge in extra comfort and a natural sleep environment with a king size mattress topper. Order online today.