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Why choose a wool mattress?

You deserve the serenest of slumbers after a long day. And a natural mattress filled with wool is your nightly ticket to the sweetest of dreams. Don't believe us? The science says so.
Wool has been proven to improve sleep quality, providing up to 25% more stage 4 sleep (the kind where your body repairs itself). It means you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
Wool works hard to regulate your temperature as you sleep. During those hot, clammy nights, it'll draw moisture away to keep you cool. And on those chilly nights, it's the breathable insulator which helps to keep you warm.
Any moisture it absorbs is dispersed into the air, creating a hypoallergenic environment that stops dust mites and allergens in their tracks.

Natural mattresses, with 100% traceable wool

Here, at Woolroom, we care about where the wool that fills each of our products comes from. And that includes our handmade mattress ranges.
It’s why we only use the best quality wool that's ethically produced by flocks of happy and healthier sheep, cared for by some of the UK's best farmers. We're committed to upholding the 5 Freedoms outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
Through our commitment to traceability, we go a step further. We promise you total transparency over the origins of your British wool mattress – from sheep to sleep.