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Why wool pillows?

Having trouble sleeping? You’ve come to the right place. Our luxury pillows that are filled with the best wool fibres, so you feel like you’re lying on clouds. Unlike many synthetic fibres, our wool-filled pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, so your night-time allergies will be a thing of the past. Say goodnight to coughing and sneezing, and hello to uninterrupted sleep. Plus, wool is also great at temperature regulation: holding onto warm air to make sure you’re tasty and snuggly in winter, and pushing away hotter air in summer so you can stay cool and fresh.

At Woolroom, we believe in luxury. That’s why all of our natural wool pillows are designed with that opulent hotel experience in mind. They’ll cradle your head and provide unbeatable support throughout the night, so you can experience the best slumber you’ve had in years. They’re also the perfect partner to our selection of luxury wool duvets, creating an all-round, cosy experience.

Can you wash wool pillows?

Since wool is a hypoallergenic fibre, your natural pillows will already be protected against dust mites, irritants, and allergens. But, if you’re looking to refresh your bedding, our Organic Washable and Deluxe ranges are now fully washable. Simply place them in the washing machine, add your favourite wool detergent and wash on a wool cycle. Then, enjoy the fresh softness and lovely smell over and over again. For supreme comfort, why not partner our anti-allergy pillows with a wool mattress topper and turn your bed into the perfect sleep haven?

Are wool pillows good for side sleepers?

Wool pillows are brilliant for everyone! No matter how you sleep, whether that’s on your front, side or back, our cosy natural pillows will cradle your head, like you’re lying on clouds. Drift off into the land of nod with luxury pillows that will not only add a stylish addition to your sleep haven, but also help your body fall into a deep, healthy sleep.

Find your perfect wool pillows for the best sleep

Classic Wool Pillows: Made from 100% British wool, our Classic range of anti-allergy pillows brings you the benefits of wool bedding at great value prices.

Deluxe Washable Wool Pillows: Made from 100% traceable British wool (contains wool from the Chatsworth Estate) and Allergy UK approved. What’s more, our Deluxe wool pillows are filled with wool balls that allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding or removing the stuffing – so you can customise your sleep experience to your comfort needs. They’re also completely machine washable. King size natural pillows are also available in this range, as well as a body pillow for head-to-toe support.

Organic Washable Pillows: Our Organic Washable wool-filled pillows are made from completely organic, washable, traceable British wool and finished with a 300 thread count organic cotton fabric for the ultimate natural sleep environment. Marked with the Allergy UK seal of approval and entirely free from chemicals and synthetics, our GOTS certified, Organic Washable pillows are completely adjustable too!

Traceable wool pillows

Looking for an even more sumptuous wool-filled pillow? Our traceable British wool-filled pillows offer a high-quality solution to a better night’s sleep. Free from synthetics and sumptuously soft, all of our wool bedding items can be traced right back to the farm they came from, with our Wool ID. So, you can sleep happy knowing that your wool pillows were produced from a flock of happy sheep that are well-nurtured and cared for. Why not count them to help you slowly drift off? Happy sheep one, happy sheep two, zzz… Want to add even more luxury to your bed? Then why not browse our wool bedding range? With a 60-night sleep trial, you can be confident that if our bedding isn’t cosiness enough, then you can return and get a full refund. With natural pillows and bedding bundle, we guarantee you a happy and healthy night’s sleep.