5 Ways To Create a Boutique Style Bedroom in Your Home

Here at Woolroom we’re firm believers that your bedroom should be your sanctuary away from the stresses of life - calm, cosy and inviting. So what better way to update it than to take inspiration from your favourite boutique hotel bedroom? Carefully designed to be individual and personal, boutique bedrooms are put together to create a beautiful space…And always with an outstandingly comfortable bed. Because let’s face it, that’s the most important thing!

1. Choose a cohesive colour scheme
From wall coverings to soft furnishings and artwork to ornaments, first you’ll need to decide on the feel of your boutique style bedroom. Do you fancy sleek and contemporary design, or quaint and homely? Next it’s the colour palette – choose calm, restful blues and greens, or darker more luxurious shades for warmth. Boutique bedrooms are often eccentric and highly individual. Add quirky accessories and a large mirror to bounce light around the room and you’ll have a boutique hotel bedroom in your own home. Go as simple and elegant or eccentric as you want to. Why not peruse Pinterest to find your inspiration?

2. Maximise the mood lighting
All the best boutique hotel bedrooms use clever lighting to create a sense of mood. It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform your humble bedroom into a soothing sleep sanctuary.

Keeping the lights low when you’re getting ready for bed in the evening is one of the best ways to help your brain get into the mood for sleep by signalling that it’s night-time. So if your only option is a glaring bulb overhead, you’ll find it difficult to relax.

At the very least, invest in warm white low wattage bulbs for your overheads, but better still introduce lamps elsewhere in the room. Traditionally we tend to have small lamps by our bedside, but why stop there? Light up dark corners with a cosy glow that will make you want to cuddle up and revel in its warmth.

3. Make your bed the centrepiece
If you’re wondering how to make your bed look like a hotel bed, and how to make it feel like one too, we have some tips to achieve a hotel style bed you’ll just want to sink into and snooze.

Here’s how to dress a bed like a hotel:
  • Start with a luxury mattress – Choose one made from cashmere and mohair, with as many springs as possible, so you’ll simply sink into it, while remaining support.
  • Top with luxury alpaca bedding. Thermo-regulating to keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool, hypoallergenic and lightweight enough to drape beautifully over your bed.
  • Choose plump, wool pillows and encase in cool, crisp cotton.
  • Opt for sumptuous Egyptian cotton bed linen to maximise breathability and enhance the wonderful qualities of the wool.
  • Finally, top with plenty of plump scatter cushions or throws in keeping with the colour scheme of your room.
Hotel style bedroom tip: Make sure you iron your duvet cover and pillow cases for crisp hotel bedroom style that will make you want to jump into bed the second you’ve put the covers on.

4. Add fresh cut flowers or plants
Nothing gives a feeling of peacefulness like bringing a bit of nature inside. But did you know there are certain plants that can actually help you to feel better, sleep better and wake up with a clear head?

Try jasmine or lavender for a beautiful scent that will fill the room and help you nod off into a blissful slumber, as well as creating that luxury hotel ambience. Or if you’re not remotely green-fingered, introduce some fresh cut flowers, choosing a colour that works with your scheme. Failing that, cheat and spritz the room with a room freshener of your choice.

5. Do a serious declutter
When you walk into a luxury hotel room one of the most pleasing things is the lack of ‘stuff’ around. Recreate this in your own boutique style bedroom with clever storage ideas. If money is no object, fit floor to ceiling wardrobes, designed especially for your clothing. By maximising the space you’ll be less likely to need freestanding chests of drawers.

Or, if that is a little out of your price range, work on incorporating baskets or boxes that are in keeping with the décor to make sure that everything can be packed away neatly. And place pretty trinket boxes and knick-knacks around to capture the inevitable bits and pieces that always end up lying around.

Create your own boutique style bedroom

Hopefully our boutique bedroom ideas have given you some inspiration for how to make your bedroom look like a hotel room. Most of all remember to have fun with your bedroom style. It’s a very personal space – make sure it’s somewhere that instantly relaxes you when you walk in and you can’t go far wrong.

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