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How To Create The Comfiest Guest Bedroom This Thanksgiving

Are you ready for the holiday season? You’ve ordered the turkey and prepped your pumpkin pie, but have you thought about how to make the guest bedroom extra comfortable for your friends and family?

Worry not – there’s still time to prepare for Thanksgiving before the guests turn up. Here’s how to prepare a guest bedroom before everyone arrives.

How to prepare guest rooms for Thanksgiving

How to make a guest bedroom inviting

Creating the perfect guest room doesn’t have to be difficult task – which is good news, when you’ve got so much else to do in the run up to Thanksgiving.

After a day of overindulging and family traditions, your guests will love a comfy guest bed guaranteed to give them a good night’s sleep. There’s no need to over complicate your bedroom ideas – keep things simple and fresh, but with a touch of luxury that makes your friends and family feel at home and comfortable.
  • Have you thought about lighting? If your guest bedroom doesn’t get used on a regular basis, don’t forget to check the lighting just in case you need to change the bulbs. And if your family like to read before going to sleep, add lamps to the bedside tables for a cosy, comfortable feel.
  • Give them a welcome hamper. If you’re going the extra mile for guests you rarely see, why not add a small hamper package to the room? Include all the things they’re likely to forget, like shampoo, toothpaste, and wash cloths. This way they won’t feel too far from their own home comforts.
  • Make the room smell great. Guest bedrooms, when used for storage and nothing else, can start to smell musty. Open the windows and air the room before your family and friends arrive. You can also add a floral plug-in scented oil, or a reed set to the window ledge. But don’t go too far with the fragrance – a light, fresh scent is fine.

How to make your bed like a hotel with luxury bedding

Fresh sheets and luxury bedding are a must before your friends and family arrive for Thanksgiving. Once you’re ready to change the sheets you’ll want to create a comfy guest bed that looks neat and tidy too. So here are some tips on how to make your bed 5-star quality:
  • A soft, squishy mattress topper adds an extra layer of luxury and comfort for your guests.
  • Use a flat sheet instead of a fitted one. Flat sheets are much easier to press than fitted sheets and will leave you with a professional, folded finish.
  • Lay your premium comforter on the bed and shake it out before you tuck. This will distribute all the filling evenly, giving it a warm, comfortable feel when your guests go to bed.
  • Ready to tuck your comforter in? For an expert look that rivals the best of hotels, tuck the bottom corners of the comforter under the mattress, folding each side underneath.
  • Smooth out the comforter for a crease-free, sumptuous look. Now take your initial tuck from the bottom of the bed and carry on tucking until you reach the headboard.

How to add the finishing touches to your comfy guest bed

Super-soft pillows will add an extra touch of luxury and comfort to your guest bed, so make sure you invest in some premium pillows and pile them high for your guests to really sink into. For those Thanksgiving guests that are conscious of sleeping in synthetics, pick up some wool pillows. They’re naturally temperature regulating, and feature hypoallergenic properties that help ease allergy sufferers’ symptoms.

Now you’ve added some premium pillows, dress your guest bed with a cosy throw neatly folded at the foot of the bed. You can perch your welcome basket here so it’s the first thing your guests see as they open the door. And for the final flourish, add some scatter cushions in warm, seasonal hues.

Now you know how to prepare guest rooms ahead of the Thanksgiving rush, all you have to do is wait for family and friends to arrive so you can celebrate, safe in the knowledge they’ll sleep well in your super-comfy guest bed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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