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What is the 30-night sleep trial?

We want you to have the best sleep possible and find the best duvet to make this happen. So, if after 30 nights your chosen wool duvet doesn’t suit you, we're more than happy to offer an exchange or return , even if it has been used and washed.

Is wool suitable for people with allergies?

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking , making it the perfect choice for hypoallergenic duvets. Say goodnight to allergens and keep dust mites at bay with our anti-allergy duvets.

Will I be too warm in wool?

Unlike down or synthetic materials, wool is exceptional at regulating temperature . It effortlessly disperses warm air when you start to get too warm to cool you down and holds on to warmth during cooler nights. Plus, our temperature-regulating duvets have exceptional moisture-wicking abilities to ensure the perfect sleep environment, taking care of your skin and comfort all night.

Can you wash a wool-filled duvet?

As an industry first, our Organic Washable and Deluxe wool duvets are machine washable. Simply pop into the washing machine on a wool wash with a wool laundry detergent. Then hang it to dry, outside or over a door inside is perfect. You can also refresh your duvet between washes by hanging outside in the fresh air.

What is traceable wool?

We’re committed to doing the right thing for people, animals, and the planet, following the highest levels of sustainability and ethical sourcing in everything we do. That is why we've introduced our Wool ID® Programme , ensuring complete traceability and transparency. We exclusively work with British farms that adhere to the 5 Freedoms outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2006. With our gentle shearing process during the summer months, our sheep get to enjoy the warm weather without their heavy coats, contributing to the genuine eco-friendliness of our wool duvets.