Do Mattress Pads Make You Sweat?

Are you thinking of investing in a mattress pad? That’s a great idea for comfort, but if you’ve sought advice from others, you may be worried that a new topper will make you hot and sweaty at night. Let us clear up your concerns. What are toppers? Do mattress pads make you sweat and how can you find bedding that keeps you cool?

What are mattress pads?

Mattress pads are an additional bedding item that sits on top of a mattress. They can range in thickness, from not much thicker than a sheet, to several inches high (often referred to as a mattress topper). The main reason for using a mattress pad or topper is to increase the comfort of your mattress, perhaps if it is getting old or is a little too firm. But they can also be useful to keep your mattress clean and even extend its life.

Unfortunately, mattress pads have gained a bit of a bad reputation - there is one thing that plays on people’s minds when it comes to making a purchase. And that’s, do mattress pads make you sweat? So, let’s try to clear that up for you.

Do mattress toppers make you sweat?

The answer to “do mattress toppers make you sweat?” is, as with a lot of things, it depends. In this case it depends what it’s made from.

A common material to make a mattress topper from is memory foam. However, there are some drawbacks to sleeping on memory foam. The dense nature of the material can interrupt air flow meaning that the heat and perspiration that escapes from your body has nowhere to go. This can cause you to overheat and leave you waking up feeling clammy and uncomfortable.

Other synthetic materials can have a similar effect. If only it was possible to find mattress pads that keep you cool, hey?

Is there such a thing as mattress pads that keep you cool?

It is possible to choose a cooling mattress topper – a pad for your mattress that keeps you cool. But to do this, you’ll need to pay attention to what it’s made from.

The best mattress pad to keep you cool is one made from natural fibers like wool. One of the great benefits of wool is its ability to circulate air and keep you cool by wicking away perspiration, keeping you dry and preventing overheating.

Supplement this with wool bedding that is designed by nature to keep you comfortable and dry and you’ll be enjoying a cool, contented night’s sleep before you know it.

If you want to make your mattress more comfortable without buying a new one, consider a stay cool mattress topper. Is it likely to make you sweat? Not if you follow our advice and choose a cooling mattress topper and wool bedding that keeps you cool.

If you are looking for more ideas about how to sleep better at night naturally, visit our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

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