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How Can I Improve My Sleep?

Good sleep can be the difference between an okay day and a really great one. That’s why here at Woolroom, we’ve spent years learning how to get better sleep. It’s the ethos behind each and every one of our wool bedding items, from duvets to pillows, protectors to toppers. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep, read on below…

1. Sleep better… with the right posture

Find your healthiest sleeping position – from side-snoozing to front-sleeping, get the inside track on how your posture can help you sleep better. What’s more, learn how to assess your sleeping position and spot the signs of poor night-time posture, so you can make the changes needed for a more restful night’s snooze.

Struggling to sleep during pregnancy? Take a look at these pregnancy sleep tips.

2. Sleep better… with the right mattress

You may have perfect sleep posture, but is your mattress doing its best to support your slumber too? Mattress composition and materials matter – learn about the connection between memory foam and night sweats. Or complete these five checks to find out if your bed could be causing your sleep problems.


3. Sleep better… all year round

Sleep problems can be seasonal too. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these articles on how to sleep well every month of the year:
  • Spring: Hay fever? Or night-time allergy? Learn the difference and how to tackle the symptoms of night-time allergies head on.
  • Summer: Struggle to sleep during the warmer months? We’ve got the best ways to stay cool at night. Useful for hot sleepers during the colder seasons too.
  • Winter: Cooler temperatures can cause coughs and sneezes. Read up on how to sleep with a cold, so you can sleep easier and feel better sooner.


4. Sleep better… with night sweats

Regularly wake feeling hot and clammy? Sometimes it can feel like a good night’s sleep is impossible. Help is at hand. Learn how to find relief from night sweats symptoms with this article from our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

Did you know it’s not just women who can be affected by excessive sweating at night? Read about night sweats in children, or learn more about the connection between night sweats and diabetes.

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