How To Wash A Wool Comforter

How To Wash A Wool Comforter

Washing wool comforters often makes people feel a little nervous. Ordinarily, washing wool has to be a carefully planned operation, as the heat and moisture of your washing machine would usually leave the natural fibers of your wool comforter in a less than desirable state.

But learning how to wash a comforter without ruining it doesn’t have to be a military operation. In fact, keeping your Woolroom wool comforter clean and fresh is simple. Here’s how to wash a wool comforter from Woolroom in 3 simple steps:

How to wash a wool comforter

So, you’ve been benefitting from the hypoallergenic power of your wool comforter for quite some time now and you would like to know how to wash a comforter without ruining it. With our washable wool comforters, it really couldn’t be simpler.

1. First, select the wool cycle on your washing machine (or the most gentle setting on your machine)
2. Remember to add specialised wool detergent
3. Hang out your comforter to dry

Never tumble dry your wool comforter – it should always be hung out to dry naturally. And if you want to take your wool comforter to the dry cleaners? Make sure you let them know that it is ‘wool wash only’.

How often should you wash a comforter?

When you first buy it…no need!

Have you just bought an organic washable wool comforter? Getting used to the naturally soft and heat-regulating qualities of the wool? If you’ve only just started using your new wool comforter, there’s really no need to wash it just yet.

The wool that we use to make our super-soft wool comforters has already been treated with a biodegradable cleaning detergent before it reaches you. That way, you benefit from the naturally occurring benefits of wool – moisture absorbing, thermo-regulating, magic – without having to machine wash it before your head hits the pillow.

In a month or two…not likely.

One of the main benefits of using a wool comforter - its self-cleaning properties. Wool is well-known for its ability to remain dry and clean, cleverly absorbing moisture and making it difficult for any bacteria or fungus to set up camp. That makes our organic washable wool comforters easy to care for as the wool does all the work for you.

So there really is no need to wash your wool comforter just yet. If you want to freshen it up a little, simply hang it outside to air – it really is that easy to keep fresh and clean.

In 6-12 months…

Still tempted to throw your wool comforter into the washing machine? Of course, our washable wool comforters can be machine washed to remove any stains on the cotton outers. But with wool, you hardly need to wash it at all. Its naturally hygenic qualities mean that it remains clean and dry, able to wick moisture away from the body as you sleep, keeping you comfortably warm and dry as you sleep.

How to wash a wool comforter, the Woolroom way…

With Woolroom, washing wool comforters is straightforward; there is no longer a reason to avoid the magical properties of wool comforters. Now that it’s this easy to take care of luxurious wool bedding you can take advantage of all of the sleep-inducing properties of our marshmallow-soft, washable wool bedding range.

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